{Disarmed} Oppo Watch Free officially launched

Oppo Watch Free

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo today presented the Smartwatch Oppo Watch Free. The watch has a 1.64 ″, curved 2.5D AMOLED display and supports the monitoring of blood oxygen and heart rate. It can also monitor sleep and record the user's snoring during sleep.

The Oppo Watch Free also has NFC on board, with which contactless payment will be possible. Visually, the watch is a bit similar to the larger model, but the display seems to be more elongated.

Oppo Watch Free Specifications and Features

The Oppo Watch Free has a 1.64 ″ 2.5D AMOLED display and support for Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Apart from the functions for monitoring the heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep, the built-in 230 mAh battery of the device should offer a battery life of 14 days and support a quick charge function. The Oppo Watch Free is said to offer a full day of battery life with a charging time of 5 minutes.

It also has a six-axis motion sensor, an ambient light sensor, and over 100 sport modes, six of which are automatically tracked. These include running, walking, swimming, outdoor biking, elliptical exercisers, and rowing machines. It runs with all devices from Android 6.0 and iOS 10.0 or higher.

In addition, the Oppo Watch Free is waterproof up to 5ATM and comes with a 19 mm strap. It weighs 20.9 grams without the bracelet and 32.6 grams with the bracelet. Interestingly, despite all the other features, the new Oppo watch has no built-in GPS chip.

The Oppo Watch Free is available in black and gold and costs 549 yuan (approx. EUR 73.00). It will be available in China on September 30th. A start in Germany has not yet been announced.

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