{Disarmed} Oppo officially introduces ColorOS 12

ColorOS 12

As promised, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has announced its new user interface ColorOS 12 based on Android 12. The latest version of ColorOS comes with some important changes, including a revised user interface with new icons and smoother animations, Smart Sidebar 2.0, improved multitasking, cross-screen interconnection and new functions for projecting car screens.

The new "Infinite Design" language of ColorOS 12 brings new symbols, increased contrast and "distinctive color shades". There's also a new Omoji feature that works similarly to the AR Emoji feature and allows users to create their personalized 3D avatar through an advanced face capture algorithm.

Oppo ColorOS 12 Omoji
: Oppo

ColorOS 12 also advertises "lifelike animations" made possible by the Quantum Animation Engine. Oppo claims to have solved the problem of lag and stutter after prolonged use with an anti-stuttering engine. The AI ​​engine can even recommend priorities for apps to ensure the phone runs smoothly and uses less power.

For an enhanced multitasking experience, the FlexDrop feature allows you to drag an app with a simple gesture and easily switch between small window, mini window and full screen mode. The new cross-screen interconnection function makes it much easier to share files and move data between different devices.

Oppo ColorOS 12 New UI-Design
: Oppo

With this function, users can also operate their phones via their laptops. Oppo confirmed that the cross-screen interconnection supports "most laptops" with Windows 10 or higher.

In addition to a new user interface and new functions, ColorOS 12 also offers improved security and data protection. The new permission reminder function automatically sends a notification in the status bar as soon as a third-party app accesses the microphone, camera or location data. The new secure sharing feature allows users to delete sensitive information in photos and videos before sharing it.

Oppo ColorOS 12 PC-Connect
: Oppo

The Oppo Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition will be the first phone to ship directly with ColorOS 12. From October there will be a limited ColorOS 12 beta program for the Find X3 series and the OnePlus 9 series (in China).

The beta program is expected to expand to the Find X2-series and Reno 6-series devices in November. Oppo's Reno 5-series, K9, A95, A93, Ace 2, and OnePlus 8-series phones (in China) will receive their first ColorOS 12 beta in December.

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