{Disarmed} Not surprisingly: the fastest smartphone in the AnTuTu is now the Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

It is not really a surprise that the newly introduced Apple iPhone 13 Pro is the fastest smartphone in the AnTuTu. Because the built-in Bionic A15 ensures a full performance boost for the new models from Cupertino.

The tested iPhone 13 Pro with 6 GB RAM and 1 TB storage achieved a result of 839,675 points with the brand new Apple A15 Bionic. This makes it around 19 percent faster than the previous iPhone 12 Pro. This came "only" to 705,725 points.

AnTuTu currently has a total score of 839,675 points, of which the CPU score 214,698 points, the GPU score 324,552 points, the MEM score 167,472 points and the UX score 132,953 points.

The iPhone 13 Pro would also top the Android best list, but you can't really compare the two values ​​of the different platforms with each other. In the end, it should be a purely subjective decision as to which is the fastest smartphone ever. Because in everyday life, all flagships are now blessed with more than enough power.


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