{Disarmed} New wave of offers in fiber, mobile and television: this is how the best rates remain for the 2021 back to school

New wave of offers in fiber, mobile and television: this is how the best rates remain for the 2021 back to school

Along with the Christmas and summer campaigns, back to school has become one of the most relevant of the year, bringing together promotions for almost all types of users, with offers on mobile, fiber and combined rates with television .

If you are thinking of changing the rate or operator to save or improve conditions, doing so in September is a good idea, since you will be able to access exclusive rates , or benefit from discounts for a longer time, even if you are already a customer of the operator . since many of these promotions are not only valid for new customers, as is usually the case for the rest of the year.

In order not to lose detail, we are going to review all the current promotions and rates, comparing them with the best offers on the market .

Fiber for Students, Better on Digi

Fiber Internet for Students

Without the need for special offers for students , Digi meets the three main requirements for students: it has coverage in the university cities where Telefónica has its fiber deployed, it has the cheapest prices , it has enough high speed for all devices to connect quickly , and their stay is only three months .

The minimum speed of 300 Mbps symmetric may be sufficient for most shared flats and is priced at 25 euros per month . But it also allows you to contract fiber at 1,000 Mbps for 30 euros (or 20 euros if you live in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza, Castellón or Almería, and have your own fiber coverage ). It works after CG-NAT , but you can deactivate it for 1 euro more per month. In addition, it has an optional landline from 1 euro per month.

Whatever the price of Digi 1 Gbps fiber in your home, it will be cheaper at Digi than hiring it from the competition, where Vodafone offers the first year at 40.99 euros per month (with unlimited landline included), while at Yoigo It costs 57 euros (with landline included, but with calls to mobiles limited to 60 minutes free). And in both cases with a stay of 12 months.

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With other coverage, Jazztel offers 600 symmetric Mbps for 29.95 euros with landline included (but without calls), or for 32.95 euros with landline and unlimited calls included to national landlines and mobiles. The price is final if you hire in September, but it has a 9-month stay. It does not have CG-NAT or television service.

Vodafone also repeats the promotion of previous years in which its 600 Mbps fiber costs 32 euros , and includes a landline with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles 24 hours a day (and free caller ID). Same price (or less) than Orange and Jazztel under equal conditions in the landline, although Vodafone does not apply any type of permanence , but you have to pay 40 euros at the time of activation if there was no previous fiber installation.

The conditions of the operators that offer fiber-only connection without permanence (or with a three-month commitment) are as summarized in the comparative graph:

Comparison Of Cheap Rates Of Fiber Only Almost Without Permanence In 2021

Simyo, Digi and Lowi have the cheapest mobile and fiber bundles

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After four years with the minimum prices established at 35 euros for the most representative fiber and mobile combinations, in 2021 those combined for 30 euros have gained strength, with new offers from Lowi and Simyo , which have entered to compete more directly with Digi .

Simyo leads the most competitive individual rate , being the one who includes the most gigs for 28.99 euros, the one that accumulates the longest gigs , is the only one that offers installment mobiles , and now also offers discounted prices for additional mobile lines. Its main disadvantage is that it starts from a fiber speed lower than that of other rivals, and that the fiber coverage is low direct access to the Orange network.

For 30 euros, Digi includes three times the fiber speed of Simyo, allows it to be increased to 1,000 Mbps for 5 euros, allows you to hire an optional fixed line and offers discounted prices for additional mobile lines . On the other hand, it includes fewer gigs on the mobile than Simyo. And its fiber coverage, although it is available in all provinces, is not available in all the towns where Movistar has its fiber deployed.

At similar prices, Simyo usually offers more gigs and less fiber speed than Digi.

For 29.95 euros, Lowi includes the same fiber speed as Simyo, at 100 Mbps and the same 8 GB accumulative on the mobile phone as Digi, but it is the one with the highest fiber coverage and the only operator that allows sharing gigabytes with other clients . The prices for additional mobile lines are also the most interesting, from 2.95 euros with 5 GB, 5.95 euros with 15 GB or 9.95 euros with 25 GB.

Of the rest of the operators that offer combinations with similar prices, Llamaya , from the MásMóvil Group, includes fiber at 50 Mbps and 5 GB that cannot be accumulated for 29 euros, although it is the only one that includes a landline with calls . Jetnet keeps the minimum of 5 GB but increases the fiber speed to 100 Mbps.

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Going to the section around 35 euros, Simyo's offer with fiber at 100 Mbps and 25 GB for 32.99 euros stands out , although most rivals offer fiber at 300 Mbps for little more : specifically, for 34 euros at Digi with 24 GB on the mobile, for 34.90 euros at Finetwork with 24 GB on the mobile, and for 34.95 euros at Lowi with 20 GB on the mobile.

Raising the ante, Digi sweeps its rate with fiber at 300 Mbps and mobile with 60 GB for 37 euros, although Lowi offers double the speed of fiber for 29.95 euros, with 30 GB on the mobile. In this case, Simyo is again somewhat cheaper than Lowi, but starts from a fiber speed of 100 Mbps, and it does so together with 35 GB on the mobile for 38.99 euros. Virgin telco and Pepephone's offerings match Digi's fiber speed, but only include 25 and 10 GB respectively, for a price close to 39 euros.

In this way, the best cheap fiber and mobile combinations , their prices, coverage, or the availability of extras such as increasing fiber speed, adding a landline, buying a mobile in installments, or adding cheaper mobile lines, remain as is summarizes in the comparative graph :

Best Cheap Mobile Fiber Combinations In September 2021

Best family combined with two mobile lines and fiber

Among the cheapest family packages, Simyo sets the minimum price at 34.99 euros by including two lines with unlimited minutes. Specifically, it includes 14 and 7 GB in each line and 100 Mbps fiber. Same price as Digi, which includes less gigs and more fiber speed . Also for the same price, finetwork includes 6 GB on each line and 100 Mbps fiber.

If we face Simyo with Lowi, Lowi is three euros cheaper , but it also includes less gigs, specifically, 8 and 5 GB , and the fiber speed is 100 Mbps.

At around 37 euros , Simyo includes fiber at 100 Mbps and 14 + 14 GB, Digi includes fiber at 300 Mbps and 12 + 12 GB, and Lowi includes fiber at 300 Mbps and 20 + 5 GB that you can share. The rest of the cheap family offers on the market are as summarized in the comparative graph:

Best Combined With Fiber Two Cheapest Mobile Lines In September 2021

With more gigs in both mobile lines , Simyo includes fiber at 100 Mbps and 25 + 25 GB for 42.99 euros, Digi includes fiber at 300 Mbps and 24 + 24 GB for 43 euros, and Lowi includes fiber at 300 Mbps and 25+ 20 GB for 44.90 euros.

At around 50 euros , Simyo does not manage to stand out with its 35 + 35 GB compared to the more generous operators, who come to offer 60 + 60 GB in Digi, or 50 + 50 GB in Virgin telco.

Best Combined With Fiber Two Mobile Lines From 20 Gigs In September 2021

Great discounts on football, movies and series

Offers in fiber, mobile and television to change operator

Family TV packages continue to dominate a large part of the promotions of traditional operators, with Movistar and Orange with football as differentiating content, while Vodafone continues to be the largest aggregator of film and series content , which is why it has configured its offer to continue being the one that includes the most subscriptions in its promotional rates, although its rivals are also well served.

Specifically, Movistar includes Disney + and three free months of Netflix; Orange includes Netflix and 12 months of free Amazon Prime; while Vodafone includes HBO, Disney +, and Amazon Prime .

Regarding the official price, Vodafone and Orange have similar prices, although Vodafone's promotional price is significantly lower by offering 600 Mbps fiber with Super WiFi, two mobile lines and the entire television package (with voice control included. ) for 50 euros for six months . In Orange it starts at 85 euros for six months with 1,000 Mbps fiber with WiFi 6, two mobile lines (HD video) and the television package with football.

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Movistar will be the most expensive, both for official and promotional prices, since although it also starts at 85 euros per month, this price only applies for three months. On the other hand, beyond subscriptions, Movistar has more sports channels and premiere cinema .

These promotional rates are accessible to both new customers and current customers who migrate to one of the promoted rates. If they have already contracted one of these rates, no discount will be applied to the fee. The only requirement is to request the new rate in September.

Free 55-inch Smart TV with Movistar and Orange in exchange for permanence.

The permanence in these rates will be 12 months in Orange and Vodafone , while Movistar does not have any type of tie. However, if you accept a free 5G smartphone or a 55 "Xiaomi smart TV in Movistar or Orange, the permanence will be 36 and 30 months respectively.

The prices of the family packages , conditions of the complete rates, and channels included in each television platform, are as summarized in the comparative graph:

Combined Family With Fiber Various Mobile Lines Television September 2021

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