{Disarmed} New Roomba j7 +: smarter and more helpful than ever, promising to recognize and dodge pet "goodies"

New Roomba j7 +: smarter and more helpful than ever and promising to recognize and dodge

iRobot has just expanded its offer of high-end robot vacuum cleaners with the Roomba j7 +, a model that is based on some of the most premium features of the house such as intelligent navigation through a camera or the self-emptying system by giving them a spin with the identification of objects, so it promises to end the great fear of those of us who have a pet: prevent it from vacuuming the area where our pet has left us a "gift" in our absence.

A premium design with major changes

Roomba J7 Studio Hero Left Facing

Aesthetically, the Roomba j7 + is a robot with black and matte metal finishes to look consistent with the decoration of our house. An important change in its design that has consequences on navigation is the position of the camera , which goes from the usual upper area to be located in the front and adding a light. Two key changes for its new facet of recognition and passage, to be able to work even in low light.

iRobot has also given a twist to the design of the base by making it flatter , to make it easier to place in spaces such as under tables. Of course, the bags remain the same as those present in other models with this self-emptying function, such as the Roomba s9 + , Roomba i7 + or the Roomba i3 + . It also has space to store spare parts and thus always have them at hand.

Roomba J7 Dirt Disposal Bag

Intelligence to navigate and adapt to your preferences

One of the most important novelties of the Roomba j7 + is its PrecisionVision navigation system, which allows it to identify and avoid common obstacles in domestic floors such as cables or socks, but also to detect the "surprises" that our pets can leave , something that We have already seen in other models such as the Roborock S6 MaxV. Thus, this robot has the ability to identify and maneuver around it.

In fact, iRobot is so sure of its good recognition work that this model includes POOP guarantee ( Pet Owner Official Promise ) - an acronym / pun that translated from English means "guaranteed for poop" - which ensures that If the Roomba j7 + is unable to prevent this type of accident for a year, the brand will replace the robot.

Roomba J7 J7 Object Detection Pet Waste

Until now it was possible to use the navigation of the high-end iRobot models to map our house, make maps, assign rooms ourselves and thus carry out partial cleaning. With this latest generation, the robot alone learns the plane and divides it . In addition, as it works, it "learns" your preferences and adapts to them, informing you in real time of incidents that occurred during cleaning so that you can detail how to proceed according to their suggestions.

The potential of its learning is such that according to the brand it learns our cleaning tastes, schedules, those times of the year when we clean more, if the house is dirtier or if we take advantage of when we are away to start it up.

Many of these functions reach their high-end with Genius 3.0

If you already have a high-end robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot with Imprint Smart Mapping (Roomba i7 / i7 +, Roomba s9 / s9 +, Roomba j7 / j7 + and the Braava jet m6 mopping robot) some of these functions will also be present with this new generation of the Genius platform.

  • For example, scheduling cleaning when you leave the house will be easier . Until now you had to do it manually, but now simply taking into account when you are not using the location services of your phone to do it.

  • It will be the robot itself that offers us suggestions to customize the mapping , such as the name and room layout.

  • It will estimate the cleaning time so you know how long it is missing.

  • If you are working and you have the Roomba vacuuming in a room and it has to pass close to you, you can set a silent scrolling so that it makes as little noise as possible while it moves without vacuuming.

Roomba J7 And Braava Jet M6 Imprint Link Technology

IRobot Roomba j7 + versions and price

The new Roomba j7 + robot vacuum cleaner and its version without Roomba j7 self-emptying system are available for purchase in Spain from today on the official website and soon at other common points of sale.

The recommended sale prices are:

  • iRobot Roomba j7 + for 999 euros.
  • iRobot Roomba j7 for 749 euros.

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