{Disarmed} Motorola shows second generation of over-the-air "space charging"

Motorola Space Charging

The age of wireless charging could soon dawn as Motorola has introduced its second generation wireless space charging system that can charge up to four devices at the same time.

Wireless charging still requires a docking station or a pad on which the smartphone is placed so that the charging coils can make contact. While Xiaomi and Oppo offer their own solutions, Motorola has taken a step forward with its second generation.

In an article on Weibo with a video of the "Space Charging" technology in action, Motorola presented a device that is equipped with a whopping 1,600 antennas to charge up to four devices wirelessly over the air.

The large base station can charge up to four devices at a distance of up to 3 meters - a huge step forward compared to the 100 cm to which the first generation of charging technology was limited. The demo also shows that devices can be charged even if there is an obstacle or an object in the way of the base station.

Motorola also states that the Space Charging Base Station will stop charging if the human body or limb is detected. No details were disclosed regarding the maximum charging speeds or the timing of Motorola's "Space Charging" technology release.

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