{Disarmed} Motorola Air Charging: the contactless wireless charging that promises to charge up to four devices at the same time

Motorola Air Charging: the contactless wireless charging that promises to charge up to four devices at the same time

While wireless charging reaches remarkable heights such as 50 watts in the case of Realme's MagDart , contactless wireless charging (or, as it is sometimes called, "true") is being seen as small announcements that at the moment are not they offer as solutions for sale. This is the case of Motorola Air Charging , the new proprietary technology for wireless charging without the need to support the device on a base.

Previously to Motorola we have seen examples such as Xiaomi Mi Air Charge and OPPO Wireless Air Charging . Motorola made an advance as a teaser in which it called its technology "Motorola One Hyper", but precisely this coincides with one of its mobiles (the Moto One Hyper and also does not allow us to intuit what the technology is about as the other examples that we have seen, so with that change of name the brand has presented it today in China.

A range of 3 meters and automatic blocking on detection of human beings

The Lenovo subsidiary has presented Motorola Air Charging through Weibo , despite the fact that the first today has presented news at a global level ( new Yoga Slim and new tablets ), through a poster that explains some of the characteristics. One of the striking is that it is capable of charging four devices at the same time . Something that did advance in the case of Xiaomi (without specifying how many) but not in the case of OPPO.

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It works in a range of 3 meters and 100 degrees and a total of 1,600 antennas , which far exceeds the 144 antennas that Xiaomi's theoretically required. These antennas, a proprietary chipset, an algorithm and the configuration of the network would be sufficient for the contactless load to work when entering the field of action.

According to the company, Motorola Air Changing is capable of charging even through paper, leather, and similar materials . Although for safety they say they have incorporated a "biological monitoring technology" so that the load stops if there is a human presence. They have not given details in this regard, with which perhaps the antennas also have a temperature and / or movement sensor, although what is strange is that the load stops with the presence of a human being as there is no scientific evidence that the field created for loading is a hazard in some sense.

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In an interview we conducted with José Gandica , Motorola Product Manager, he already told us about his work in this field with GuRu, a company that is also behind this development. But even so, Motorola is the third mobile brand to present its own technology, but also the third to not say a commercialization date . So we will have to wait to know something else.

The Motorola Air Charging news : contactless wireless charging with which they promise to charge up to four devices at the same time was originally published in xiaomist.com by Anna Martí .

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