{Disarmed} More cold than war , by Fabián Plaza, wins the 2021 Minotauro Prize with an unequivocally Spanish science fiction story

'More cold than war', by Fabián Plaza, wins the 2021 Minotauro Prize with an unequivocally Spanish science-fiction story

Fabián Plaza Miranda has been the winner of the Minotauro 2021 award with his novel 'More cold than war' . The award given by the publisher is the most important of all those referring to the genre of fantasy, horror and science fiction in Spanish, it is endowed with 6000 euros, and xiaomist.com collaborates with the award again. Plaza Miranda is victorious thanks to a novel that mixes various genres and does so from a distinctly Spanish perspective and seasoned with abundant humor.

'Cooler than war' sends us to a uchrony in which the last years of Spanish history have passed in a different way than we know it. In addition, since 1969, Humanity has suffered the attack of "bad trips", some indestructible murderous creatures . In 1989, Lieutenant Arturo Crespo, CESID intelligence officer, was elected to get Spain to join the Alterdimensional Defense Organization, the body that ensures the safety of citizens against attacks of a supernatural nature.

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Plaza Miranda has described his novel as a work in which he portrays a current situation and that he sees every day on platforms such as social networks, and in which opposing sides align themselves under fanatical parameters, without listening to each other. Jurors have praised the novel, talking about how it uses seemingly irreconcilable genres to address these ideas in a risky yet devoured ensemble.

The Minotaur Award continues to evolve

In the presentation of the award, the editorial director of the label, Vicky Hidalgo, recalled the importance of the award for the publisher , underlining that this will be the first winner that is also published in pocket, within a year and accompanied by the winning work on last year. Hidalgo has spoken of the reinvention that Minotauro now lives after the years of 2018 and 2019, which led to a change of orientation in the publishing house, and how the Award has become the spearhead for a series of activities that will take place on the next year.

The jury, which has reviewed a total of 377 manuscripts mainly from Spain, Mexico and Argentina, this year was composed of:

  • Elia Barceló , writer specialized in fantasy
  • Sabino Cabeza , 2020 Minotauro Award
  • Isa J. González , spokesperson for Pórtico , Spanish Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Terror
  • Roberto Jiménez , editorial coordinator of WeblogsSL
  • Antonio Runa , director of the specialized podcast La Órbita de Endor

The news 'More cold than war', by Fabián Plaza, wins the 2021 Minotauro Prize with an unequivocally Spanish science fiction story was originally published in xiaomist.com by John Tones .

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