{Disarmed} Microsoft Office 2021 already has an official launch date: Microsoft s office suite will arrive with Windows 11

Microsoft Office 2021 already has an official launch date: Microsoft's office suite will arrive with Windows 11

October is going to be a busy month for Microsoft. On October 5, Windows 11 will arrive and, along with it, the new version of Microsoft Office. This has been confirmed by the Redmond company, which ensures that Office 2021 (the consumer version) will also be launched on October 5 .

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the price of the Office 2021 licenses , but quotes us later for more information. We will be up to date. In addition to the Office 2021 date, Microsoft has announced the launch of the LTSC version , which is the one intended for commercial customers and governments.

Whoever wins the productivity platform will be like the one who won the text editor in the 90s In xiaomist.com Whoever wins the productivity platform will be like the one who won the text editor in the 90s

Office 2021 is just around the corner

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Despite the fact that Microsoft is betting heavily on Microsoft 365 and the office suite in the cloud , the company is aware that there are users who prefer to have the programs installed on their PC and not depend on a constant connection to the Internet. Microsoft Office 2019 had a perpetual version and Office 2021 will have it too .

Unlike Microsoft 365, which is a monthly subscription, perpetual versions are one-time payment . To give us an idea, the price of Office Home and Student (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) is 149 euros, while Microsoft 365 Personal costs 69 euros per year (or seven euros per month) and includes all apps. It is not yet known what the price of the 2021 version will be.

Among the main novelties coming to Office 2021 are dark mode, Line Focus (to focus on the line we are writing), XLOOKUP (better search in Excel sheets) and support for dynamic matrices in Excel.

On the other hand, Microsoft has revealed information about the LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) versions. These versions for Windows and Mac are available now and are aimed at companies and governments . It is a somewhat shorter version than the consumer version and, in Microsoft's words, it is designed for specific scenarios such as:

"[...] Regulated devices that cannot accept feature upgrades, manufacturing plant process control devices, and specialized systems that cannot connect to the Internet.

From Microsoft they explain that although the LSTC version offers performance improvements and greater accessibility , "it will not offer the cloud-based capabilities of Microsoft 365 such as real-time collaboration and AI-driven automation in Word, Excel and PowerPoint" .

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