{Disarmed} Microsoft and Honor sign partnership

Honor Microsoft Partnership

Honor has now announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Microsoft. Both companies will now work together to develop groundbreaking AI and end devices and create future-oriented technology strategies.

The Chinese company states that the goal is to support Honor's "1 + 8 + N" strategy worldwide. In addition, the Chinese brand has announced the Honor mijiaBook V 14 as one of the world's first notebooks with the Windows 11 operating system pre-installed.

Honor had implemented its "1 + 8 + N" all-scenario strategy to develop products that focus on AI and smartphones as the core of the platform, while other connected products such as notebooks, smart screens, tablets, wearables, TW- Stereo headphones and routers are being developed.

The company will integrate Microsoft's cloud computing and AI technology into its products and services, such as: B. YOYO intelligent assistant, collaboration tools, AI travel assistant, utilities and translation services.

Microsoft was among the first group of vendors to partner with Honor after the company became completely independent.

"HONOR strives to take a consumer-centric approach and develop first-class products for our users. We firmly believe in openness, cooperation and innovation and will work closely with our global supply chain partners to use our technological capabilities, market knowledge and R&D innovations to create a world-class product experience. HONOR and Microsoft will continue to expand their strategic partnership and develop solutions that can incorporate various software and hardware technologies for different user scenarios. We are confident that together, HONOR and Microsoft will be able to create a connection between end devices and the all-scenario ecology to create a new intelligent world for everyone. "

George Zhao, CEO of Honor


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