{Disarmed} Marvel Zombies: the macabre origin of the superheroes turned into the undead that we have seen in What if ...?

Marvel Zombies: the macabre origin of the superheroes turned into the undead that we have seen in 'What if ...?'

It has been one of the most talked about and anticipated episodes (since in the initial trailer you could see a cadaverous Captain America) of 'What would happen if ...?', The Marvel animated series that poses parallel stories to the that we already know from the MCU. What if Agent Carter was Captain America? What if Black Panther was Starlord? And in this case ... what if there were zombies in the Marvel Universe?

The stories in the series are indirectly inspired by a comic of the same title, 'What if ...?' who has lived through different incarnations since his birth in 1977. Traditionally with the ominous Vigilante as narrator (although not always, due to the character's own trajectory in the publishing house), he has been a very beloved header by fans, and has raised all kinds from alternate stories - from a Punisher whose family never died to Aunt May as herald of Galactus. But the Marvel Zombies do not belong in this collection.

What If The 10 Best Comics Of The Alternative Lines Of Marvel 2

The night of the living superheroes

The first Marvel Zombies (which, by the way, is the nickname by which the fans of the house are affectionately known) were not in the form of these explicit undead from the 'What if ...?' Episode, but who arrived camouflaged . It was in numbers 21 to 23 of 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' in 2005, written by Mark Millar and that took advantage of a runrún that had been commented for some time: the possibility that the characters of the Ultimate Universe (which would largely inspire the counterparts MCU films, especially aesthetically) will end up meeting their original models of the classic Marvel Universe.

And so it was with the Fantastic Four of the Ultimate Universe. Only these 4F classics were actually cannibal beasts from another dimension, where human flesh had run out . And they invaded us to devour us. All a 100% Millar hooligan (remember: 'Kick-Ass', 'Wanted') that turned the iconic classic Marvel heroes into hungry zombies in the purest style of the savage Italian films of the eighties (although its clearest reference was the then very recent '28 days later 'and' Dawn of the dead ', the starting gun for the assimilation of the zombie by mainstream culture).

Fantastic Four Earth 2149 From Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 22 0001 Ultimate Fantastic Four

A couple of years before the appearance of these numbers of 'Ultimate Fantastic Four', Robert Kirkman began to write the long-running series 'The Walking Dead', which with its television adaptation would become another emblem of the arrival of modern zombies to the collective imaginary. Marvel would call him to continue the idea of ​​Millar in a franchise of miniseries and special issues that would develop the idea of ​​Marvel heroes turned into zombies , and that would last throughout that decade.

Kirkman's wicked sense of humor, his ability to dynamite and ridicule all the dignity of Marvel heroes with rotten faces and mutilated bodies appealed to the most iconoclastic fans, helped by the almost expressionist drawings of Sean Phillips. And, above all, the grotesque and hyper-realistic covers of Arthur Suydam, which reformulated classic Marvel covers, but in a zombie key.


Always focusing on monsters and not on their interactions with humans, as Millar did, Kirkman developed as tragic antiheroes this fauna of Earth 2149, who are devastating all the worlds to which they arrive because of an atrocious hunger. Images to remember like that of Captain America (here, Colonel) devouring his own brain give shape to these first Kirkman series and a one-shot , 'Dead Days', which recounts the beginning of the plague as a prequel to the Millar's story.

This is the start, but the franchise would continue almost without brake: in the second and last of the miniseries written by Kirkman, the zombies return to Earth after devouring all life in the Universe. There they find that the surviving humans have settled in Wakanda, which reveals how the episode of 'What if ...?' has been inspired by comics.

What Is Marvel Zombies The Comic Series In Which The Fifth Episode Of What If Compressed Will Be Inspired

From then on, the successive miniseries lose some of their interest as they are integrated in one way or another in the big events only for Marvel fans, although the effort to use secondary characters in the house, such as the Midnight Children, gives certain series B air to comics that never lose their hooligan tone. Among the most notable experiments are a crossover with Dynamite's comics from 'The Army of Darkness' or a hilarious clash with Deadpool.

In recent years, the franchise has seen a couple of reboots. The 2018 one is titled 'Marvel Zombie', it takes place years after the plague, and Spider-Man, Daredevil and Falcon have to protect the surviving humans. In 2019 comes' Marvel Zombies: Resurrection ', another reboot with a suggestive starting point: Galactus' corpse contains infectious and lethal creatures that infect several groups of Marvel heroes who come to investigate.

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In all this he picks up the great episode of 'What would happen if ...?', Which is not cut short in terms of violence or grotesque execution of icons , it recovers ideas such as that of the gargantuan zombie and spreads it with elements taken from other comics iconic, like the image of Spider-Man with the cape of Dr. Strange. An episode that reminds us that nothing is forever, and Marvel heroes even less so.

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