{Disarmed} Marvel takes over Playstation 5 with Spider-Man 2 and a Wolverine from Insomniac

Marvel takes over Playstation 5 with 'Spider-Man 2' and a 'Wolverine' from Insomniac

Expectations with the Sony Showcase were very high and the Japanese firm has not been short. And it is that PlayStation has shown two bombings that seek to conquer the most fans of superheroes: ' Spider-Man 2 ' and ' Wolverine ', or what is the same, the sequel to the popular 'Spider-Man' and an adventure of Wolverine.

Not many details about the game have been released, but we do know a thing or two. On the one hand, we will have to wait to learn more about 'Wolverine', since we have only seen a couple of seconds of the trailer. On the other hand, that 'Spider-Man 2' will have Venom as a villain and that his arrival is scheduled for 2023 .

Trailer of 'Spider-Man 2'

{"videoId":"x842g19","autoplay":true,"title":"Marvels SpiderMan 2 PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer PS5"}

Trailer of 'Wolverine'

{"videoId":"x842g80","autoplay":true,"title":"Wolverine Game Reveal Teaser"}

Two superhero mugs

That we would see a sequel to 'Spider-Man' was an open secret. The Insomniac Games title received rave reviews , to the point that it was completed with 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales'. Now Spidey is back and, from what we can see, it seems that he will have to face one of the great villains of the franchise: Venom . Little more details, beyond that we will have to wait until 2023.

Then we have 'Wolverine', which has been without a doubt one of the surprises of the night. Also developed by Insomniac , details on this title are scant. Minimal, in fact, because they have not given more details. Hopefully it will be a PS5 exclusive title and that it will arrive later, but little else for now.

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