{Disarmed} Luca app gets a big update

Luca App

His announces a major update for the Luca app. Such a big update that the app will probably even have a new name. Then it should finally take the wind out of the sails of the critics as Luca +.

In the last few weeks and months, the Luca app has been featured very often in the news. Unfortunately mostly only with bad press. And not without good reason, as there were many problems, especially with regard to data protection and the reliability of the app.

It starts with the design. The app is being redesigned, everything should be a little more accessible and simpler. It should be available as an update in September. Extensive tests are currently being carried out with health authorities, operators and users.

It should be much easier in the future, especially for operators of restaurants etc. The "luca Locations Managementtool" is to be expanded for this purpose. The check-in of guests should become more intuitive, faster and easier.

With Caschy it goes on:

" You can also check out entire tables. Inquiries from health authorities can also be answered directly from the smartphone. The system can also automatically recognize places with a possible increased infection rate (two or more possible cases of infection in one place) and inform users accordingly.

The well-known system notice that informs the user about data access should remain. Two different risk notices that can be triggered by health authorities are now integrated. In this way, users can get a better assessment of the possible risk of infection and health authorities decide for themselves whether to inform, warn or contact citizens. With the information, the health authorities can also give individual, depending on the situation, recommendations for action via the luca app. A health department can evaluate a restaurant visit differently than an open-air festival. "

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