{Disarmed} Keynote Apple September 14, 2021 Live: New iPhones, Apple Watch and more

Keynote Apple September 14, 2021 Live: New iPhones, Apple Watch and more

The new course begins and with it come juicy technological renovations. One of them titled 'California Streaming' , specifically today's Apple Keynote for the new iPhone .

Although the brand has not specified anything, clearly it will be the presentation event of the iPhone 13 ), although it looks like they will not come alone. In xiaomist.com we will tell you everything in detail in our live on YouTube , on our Twitter account and on our live page today , September 14 at the following time (according to regions):

  • Spain: 7:00 p.m. peninsular time, 6:00 p.m. Canary Islands.
  • Mexico and Ecuador: 12:00.
  • Cuba and Venezuela: 13:00.
  • Chile and Argentina: 14:00.

What we hope to see

When the iPhone 12 is more or less a year old, it is expected to see that its iteration presents a design change on the front , with a reduced notch , screen up to 120 Hz and camera improvements focused more on the software than on the hardware, especially in the Pro models. In fact, precisely the four models of 2020 are expected to remain: mini, standard, Pro and Pro Max.

{"videoId":"x835jql","autoplay":false,"title":"TODO SOBRE EL IPHONE 13"}

These new phones would apparently come from the hand of a new AirPods model , which would be the third generation of the most basic Apple completely wireless headphones . Some new TWS that would have taken some feature of the Pro , but still falling behind in aspects such as active noise cancellation.

The other expected protagonist is the Apple Watch Series 7 . Another device that apparently will undergo a great aesthetic change that will affect the size and shape , so much so that there is a "fear" that the old straps will not work .

Apple Watch Prosser Ianzeibo Image: Ian Zeibo

New iPads sound weaker, which in fact could have an event of their own later as the well-known leaker Gurman recently pointed out. There is less left to find out, in a few hours we will be at full capacity to tell you all the information in detail so that you do not miss anything. We wait for you!

The Keynote Apple news September 14, 2021 live: new iPhones, Apple Watch and more was originally published in xiaomist.com by Anna Martí .

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