{Disarmed} iPhone 14: A first closer look at the Apple smartphone 2022

Apple iPhone 14 leak

We haven't even received the iPhone 13 from Apple yet, when the first pictures of the possible iPhone 14 are making the rounds on the Internet. There should be a new design in 2022, if Jon Prosser and FrontPageTech have their way.

Jon Prosser has leaked a lot in the last few months. Unfortunately, its hit rate is rather below average. There are more reliable sources. That's why you should always look at your leaks with a little caution.

Now he has packed the first information about the possible Apple iPhone 14 into pictures. The model is expected in September 2022. But he already wants to know that there will be major design changes. The "notch" will come to an end and be replaced by a centrally positioned punch hole for the selfie camera.

On the back there should finally no longer be a camera hump, the sensors should then finally be installed flush with the housing. It is not known how Apple intends to do this, a thicker case or a new camera technology.

All in all, you should still be a little skeptical, after all, we are waiting for the introduction of the iPhone 13.


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