{Disarmed} I have 379 free channels on my TV with Pluto TV, Rlaxx, Tivify, Rakuten and Plex

I have 379 free channels on my TV with Pluto TV, Rlaxx, Tivify, Rakuten and Plex

If you have a Smart TV and an Internet connection, you don't need to pay anything extra or even connect your TV to an antenna to enjoy tons of content. Pluto TV- style services offer something much like traditional television channels : 24-hour program rotation supported by advertising.

This type of linear television offers over the Internet are multiplying more and more, and in fact, so far this year a few new and interesting services have appeared. If you take advantage of the majority, you can build a very large catalog with hundreds of free channels to start enjoying now.

In xiaomist.com we have done the test, and we have amassed up to 379 completely free online television channels.

Pluto TV: 73 channels

Pluto Tv

What it offers:

Pluto TV landed in Spain almost a year ago, the platform arrived with 40 channels and a promise to reach 100 by the end of 2021. To date it has 73 free channels that include everything from movies and series, to documentaries, reality shows, anime , cooking, children's, music or sports programs .

The platform has seasonal themed channels that tend to rotate, such as at Christmas. It also has special channels dedicated solely to a particular program. There is, for example, a channel where only SpongeBob passes all day, and another where you can see 'Without boobs, there is no paradise 24 hours a day'.

All the content is dubbed in Spanish , and the app has a programming guide that shows what is being broadcast on each channel and what is coming next. In addition to channels, Pluto TV also has some on-demand content options.

Where do I find it:

Pluto TV has apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Tizen (Samsung Smart TV), WebOS (LG Smart TV), and Amazon Fire TV . You just have to look for the name of the application in the app store of the platform you use. There is no need to register at any time, you just have to tolerate some commercials between program cuts, but nothing too exaggerated, nor do they force you to watch ads as soon as you start a video.

More information and download | Pluto TV

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Rlaxx TV: 27 channels


What it offers:

Rlaxx TV arrived in Spain only in August 2021, and it did so not with many channels but with a lot of potential. At the moment it offers less than 30 free channels, but it also has a small catalog of on-demand content. The themes of the channels are varied, but some of them are available only in English .

Among its offer it has musical channels such as Vevo Pop, children's channels such as Anima Kids, sports channels such as Horizon Sports, and even a channel to watch the World Poker Tour. The service channels are exclusive and their content is organized by themes: sports, music, film, cinema, lifestyle, adventure, documentaries and children.

Where do I find it:

Rlaxx TV has applications for Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and LG Smart TVs . At the moment it is not available for Samsung Smart TVs, but you can ask to be notified as soon as the app has been launched . Rlaxx does not need registration either and the advertising is loaded at the beginning of the videos and the reproduction is interrupted from time to time, they are not extensive cuts and are mostly advertisements from the same channels of the platform.

More information and download | Rlaxx TV

Tivify Free: 106 channels

Tivify Jpg

What it offers:

Tivify is not a new service, what is new is that it changed its subscription model and decided to add a new free plan that currently allows access to more than 100 free DTT channels . The only advertising you will see will be the one added by the channels found on the platform .

What they offer is basically to watch Spanish television for free online with an easy-to-use app for your Smart TV without complications, with a clear and simple interface that also loads very fast. It even offers the possibility of recording up to 60 hours of the regional channels and RTVE.

Where do I find it:

Tivify has applications for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV. In Tivify you do need to register for free to take advantage of the new open plan. They do not add additional advertising of their own, you will only get to see what the channels have.

More information and download | Tivify

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Rakuten TV: 90 channels

Rakuten Tv Channels

What it offers:

Rakuten TV is a well-known name for a few years offering free on-demand content with ads and also a kind of online video store with premieres for which you pay separately. However, since the beginning of 2021 they offer 90 free channels to watch movies and series online 24 hours a day.

Most of the channel grid is in English and without subtitles, and the app does not allow you to see the programming that is being broadcast, although they are divided by the categories they offer: Movies, News, Sports, Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Children .

Where do I find it:

Although you can find the Rakuten TV app on almost any platform, the channels as such are still in beta and for now you can only enjoy them on Samsung TV Plus, and Samsung and LG Smart TVs from 2020 and 2019 . You do not need to register to watch the channels.

More information and download | Rakuten

Plex: 83 channels

{"videoId":"x83tkgx","autoplay":true,"title":"Televisi├│n en directo de Plex"}

What it offers:

Plex is a well-known application and multimedia center that in 2020 launched its own live TV service with more than 80 free channels . It can be accessed by all users of the service and it is simply an additional section to the Movies and Programs on Demand that the platform also offers.

The biggest downside to Plex Live TV is that most of the content is in English and has no subtitles. If that is not a problem for you, there you will find entertainment channels with classic US TV programs such as the Johnny Carson Show or the Carol Burnett Show, news and music channels, movies and series, cooking, style of life and travel, and even video games.

Where do I find it:

Plex has applications for Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, LG Smart TV, and Samsung Smart TV . You need to use a free account for the service and the advertisements vary depending on channels and programming, sometimes with long cuts and sometimes with very little advertising from the same platform and its channels.

More information and download | Plex

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Samsung TV Plus: 54 channels

Samsung Tv Plus

What it offers:

We have saved Samsung TV Plus for last because it is, as you would expect, the most limited offering, as it is only available on Samsung TVs. It is a free content service that integrates the brand's Smart TVs and comes pre-installed on the TV itself .

It does not require any type of registration and is supported by advertising. Instead of having a user account, the content is linked directly to your TV. Currently, in Spain it has a list of 54 channels whose availability may change from time to time.

The service allows you to delete channels that you do not see or are interested in, the funny thing is that most of these channels belong to other services that we have mentioned before such as Rakuten or Pluto TV , so it is not really an offer with too much extra to offer if You already use the other platforms, but on the other hand it is a way to install fewer applications on your TV.

The news I have 379 free channels on my TV with Pluto TV, Rlaxx, Tivify, Rakuten and Plex was originally published in xiaomist.com by Gabriela González .

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