{Disarmed} Huawei will soon be offering 5G smartphones again

Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G

5G and Huawei smartphones - they have not been compatible for a while now. The US has blacklisted Huawei, which also excludes access to modern 5G processors. But a solution is now emerging.

The new Huawei flagships offer the best technology, the best cameras - but not 5G. Even in China it is no longer possible without it, so the sales of Huawei smartphones there plunged into the bottomless. What also weighs heavily outside of China is the lack of Google services and apps.

But at the end of August it was announced that Huawei would soon be launching a 5G smartphone. This information is said to come directly from Huawei and the company is said to have mentioned again that it will soon be releasing a 5G smartphone.

Technically, Huawei has a 5G chipset but cannot unlock its 5G capability due to the lack of 5G network bands (RF receivers) that can be installed on its smartphones.

Huawei is said to have found a way to solve this problem soon and bring 5G back to its smartphones. However, there is no exact date and which model it will be.


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