{Disarmed} Huawei releases details of the EMUI October 2021 security patch

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HarmonyOS is currently developing into a bestseller for Huawei in China. Still, the company has another user interface that it maintains and updates - EMUI. Huawei has now explained the content of the security patches for its devices from October 2021. The security update contains 1 critical, 27 high and 2 medium CVEs.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system tracks publicly known vulnerabilities and threats in publicly released software packages. Every month there are always some problematic security gaps to the fore.

This security update contains the CVE, which were announced in the Android security bulletin of October 2021, on which EMUI is still based:

Critical: CVE-2021-0687

High: CVE-2021-0644, CVE-2021-0682, CVE-2021-0683, CVE-2021-0684, CVE-2021-0686, CVE-2021-0686, CVE-2021-0598, CVE-2021-0688, CVE-2021-0689, CVE-2021-0689, CVE-2021-0690, CVE-2021-0595, CVE-2021-06558, CVE-2021-0695, CVE-2021-0680, CVE-2021-0681, CVE- 2019-10581, CVE-2021-0518, CVE-2021-30290, CVE-2021-30294, CVE-2021-1941, CVE-2021-1948, CVE-2021-1974, CVE-2021-0869, CVE-2021- 30290, CVE-2021-30294, CVE-2021-0685, CVE-2021-0693, CVE-2021-0869

Medium: CVE-2021-1957, CVE-2021-1961

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2021-0519, CVE-2021-0573, CVE-2021-0574, CVE-2021-0576, CVE-2021-0515, CVE-2021-0514, CVE-2021-0513, CVE- 2021-0571, CVE-2020-0368, CVE-2021-0592, CVE-2021-0577, CVE-2021-0639, CVE-2020-14381, CVE-2021-3347, CVE-2021-1947, CVE-2021- 28375

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