{Disarmed} Huawei Nova 9 is shown in the first small hands-on video

Huawei Nova 9 teaser header

When the new Huawei Nova 9 series is presented on September 23, we will have already found out most of it in advance through leaks. In the last few days there has been a new message every day about the upcoming Huawei smartphones. A first hands-on video has now appeared.

The specifications are also known to the extent that the most important specs have also been leaked in advance. So you already know a lot about the two devices.

The Huawei Nova 9 Pro will have a 6.72 ″ display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300 Hz. The main camera should have a 50 MP sensor, while the other three cameras should have a resolution of 8 MP, 2 MP and 2 MP. There will be two 32 MP cameras on the front, probably a combination of a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle camera.

The Huawei Nova 9 Pro is similar to the Honor 50 Pro in every detail, both phones are exactly the same size, down to the last millimeter. They also share the same 2.4 GHz CPU, but Huawei is not allowed to use 5G connectivity on the built-in Snapdragon 778G.

The Huawei Nova 9 is said to have installed a 6.57 ″, also here with a 120 Hz refresh rate and 300 Hz touch sampling rate. A 32 MP selfie camera is installed on the front and a quad camera consisting of a 50 MP RYYB main camera + 8MP ultra wide angle + 2 MP macro + 2 MP depth of field for bokeh recordings on the back.

While the Huawei Nova 9 has a 4,300 mAh battery with 66 watts fast charging on board, the Huawei Nova 9 Pro will have a 4,000 mAh battery with 100 watts fast charging.

HarmonyOS 2.0.1 is to be used as the operating system.

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