{Disarmed} Huawei Nova 9: ​​First specifications are making the rounds

Huawei Nova 9 teaser header

While Huawei continues to bring flagships like the P50 (Pro) onto the market, plans are still being made with the mid-range. And that should be presented in September with the Huawei Nova 9, a new model. Now there is more information about the specifications.

The Huawei Nova 9 will be presented on September 23. So far, only the release teaser is official, further details are still unknown or only guesses. Like the 50 MP (1 / 1.56) RYYB camera on the back of the device.

According to information from the Chinese certification center 3C, we can expect two models from the Nova 9 series. There will be both a standard and a pro version. At the moment it is only known that at least one difference between the two models will be the battery capacity and the charging speed.

Accordingly, the Huawei Nova 9 should have a 4,500 mAh battery and a charging speed of 65 watts. The Huawei Nova 9 Pro, on the other hand, should only have a 4,000 mAh battery, but it should be able to be charged with 100 watts.

Other specifications such as the built-in processor, RAM and memory are still unknown. In terms of software, the Huwaei Nova 9 Pro is said to be one of the first phones to ship with HarmonyOS 2.1.


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