{Disarmed} Huawei MateBook laptops get free Windows 11 upgrade

Windows 11 logo

After the US sanctions in May 2019, the Huawei MateBook laptops were in great concern of losing the partnership for the Windows operating system. Microsoft later received a license from the US to supply the software for Huawei notebooks.

Since then, several Huawei notebooks with Windows 10 software have been launched. However, this year Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows - Windows 11. And will the new OS also run on Huawei laptops?

Windows 11 brings various improvements over Windows 10, including the new user interface, round UI corners, better animations and the centrally placed start menu.

Now Huawei has officially confirmed that the company will fully support Windows 11 on its MateBook series laptops. This news is very gratifying.

The rollout plan for the Windows 11 upgrade is not yet known, but is expected to begin at the end of 2021 and last until 2022.


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