{Disarmed} Huawei Mate 50: High-end feature planned for sending SMS?

Huawei Mate 50 render

There should be a very special high-end feature for the upcoming Huawei Mate 50. Accordingly, it should be planned to use a satellite connection for sending SMS. These plans are not new, Apple is also working on such a feature.

Even if it will be months before the possible Huawei Mate 50 release, a new feature of the flagship is already causing a sensation. Because supposedly the flagship should be able to use a satellite connection if no cellular network is available.

The Beidou satellite system is to be used for this. This feature will allow users to communicate using the satellite's short message service even when there is no cellular signal available. This should ensure that communication does not break down, especially in emergency situations.

Such an option would also be recommended for Germany. Especially after the flood disaster in July and the collapsed mobile phone networks, sending an SMS via satellite would ensure that the rescue workers can communicate and that affected citizens can still be warned despite the failure.


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