{Disarmed} Huawei HDC.Together 2021: New HarmonyOS version is presented

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Huawei has now announced when its developer conference - the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC.Together 2021) will take place. There will again be a lot of news about consumer-related software and services and many exciting innovations.

According to the information, HDC.Together 2021 will be held from October 22nd to 24th. At the event, Huawei will introduce a new version of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, the HMS Core 6.0 and the intelligent whole house system.

The next version of HarmonyOS and what it will bring to consumers should be very exciting. Details are not yet known. But with each new version there were many new features that have continuously improved the system.

HarmonyOS is now installed on more than 70 million devices, and the number is growing rapidly. But only in China, because HarmonyOS is still not available internationally. But EMUI 12 , which Huawei surprisingly presented.

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