{Disarmed} HTC Wildfire E Ultra is a bad joke

HTC Wildfire E Ultra

HTC launched the first Android smartphone. Many years have passed since then, and HTC has been going downhill. Still, they don't want to give up and are even bringing new devices onto the market, like the HTC A100 Android tablet a few days ago. Now a new smartphone has also appeared, the HTC Wildfire E Ultra.

If the HTC Wildfire E Ultra is an indication of how things are going with HTC's smartphone business, then that shouldn't be the case for much longer. What did you think of the model?

The HTC Wildfire brand has been around for a long time, but it was revived in 2019. However, instead of giving the name a well-deserved revival, HTC has so far filled it with phones in the lower to mid-price range in select markets such as Russia. It seems that this will be HTC's strategy until its cellular business collapses for good.

HTC Wildfire E Ultra Google Play Console
: MySmartPrice

The name of the HTC Wildfire E Ultra suggests that it will surpass all of the company's previous Wildfire E models. The truth, however, is that the entry in the Google Play Console for this phone says something completely different. HTC should have called it Wildfire E2 Lite.

According to the data sheet, the phone is powered by a Unisoc (Spreadtrum) SC9863A and has only 2 GB of RAM. The 960 × 480 display has a very low pixel density of 240 dpi, which suggests a large display of over five inches. After all, it runs Android 11, probably the Go edition.

However, it paints the picture of a former smartphone giant about to throw in the towel. The company currently barely serves a market and may lose more from producing cell phones than from making profits.

HTC still has the option of either licensing its name, as BlackBerry did, or offering manufacturing services, but both options mean the end of what we know as HTC.


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