{Disarmed} Honor is still under US surveillance and is considered a potential national threat

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As you can now read, Honor is still not in safe waters. The US still has the Chinese manufacturer on its cheek and continues to view Honor as a potential national threat, despite its independence from Huawei.

Honor is still threatened with the same fate as Huawei, namely that the manufacturer will be blacklisted and trading with American companies is prohibited and American technology is not allowed to be used. So the renewed loss of Google services and access to 5G technologies could be denied.

In the USA itself, however, the politicians seem to be divided on how to proceed with Honor. The Pentagon and the Energy Department are said to have been in favor of blacklisting Honor, but employees of the Commerce and State Department are said to be against it.

In the end, the decision on whether or not Honor will be blacklisted seems to have to be made by US President Joe Biden. And here, too, it would then show that it is not really a national threat, but only tough economic interests.

Washington Post

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