{Disarmed} HBO Max, about to land in Spain: this is Warner s punch at the streaming table (Podcast Despeja la X, # 152)

HBO Max, about to land in Spain: this is Warner's punch at the streaming table (Podcast Despeja la X, # 152)

Warner has finally given an approximate date for the landing of HBO Max in Spain. After a few months of conjecture, in which there was talk that the platform could even go to a launch in 2022, we have confirmation that Spain and the Nordic countries will have HBO Max sometime in the fall . That is, between now and the next few months.

What does the arrival of HBO Max mean? How can the streaming landscape in Spain change with this new Warner proposal ? Has it perhaps been done in the United States and Latin America, where it has been operating for a few months? To answer these and other questions we have Alberto Carlos ( @albertini ), editor at Espinof, and a server, John Tones ( @johntones ), editor at xiaomist.com. The production runs as always by Santi Ara├║jo ( @santiaraujo ).

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Like HBO, but Max

HBO is one of the main players in the streaming scene: it is one of the oldest platforms and has a long experience also as a producer of high-quality own content, such as 'The Sopranos' or 'Game of Thrones'. HBO Max is one step closer to bringing together the many tentacles of WarnerMedia entertainment on a single platform.

This new brand arrives, thus, as a proposal where not only the traditional contents of HBO will meet, but also the programming of other platforms of the house, such as Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, TNT, The CW or the now defunct DC Universe . In this 'Clear the X' program we analyze to what extent that arrival changes the rules of the game or is just a mere injection of a catalog that does not make sense outside the United States due to the different windows and exhibition rights.

hbo max

HBO Max has also acquired great notoriety in the United States for being the platform that simultaneously releases Warner films to theaters. It is a decision whose profitability is not yet clear and that has raised protests by different actors in production and distribution . We analyze the effects of this unprecedented decision by Warner in this episode.

HBO Max seems to arrive to continue filling a gap that places HBO among the most commercial platforms and those with the most pedigree content . In this episode we talk about whether HBO Max will be able to maintain that role, and what are the forecasts in terms of price, forms of distribution and how it will differ from its American counterparts.

HBO Max: release date, price, models and everything we think we know about the platform In xiaomist.com HBO Max: release date, price, models and everything we think we know about the platform

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