{Disarmed} God of War will (probably) arrive on PC: this is indicated by the leak in the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service

'God of War' will (probably) arrive on PC: this is indicated by the leak in the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service

PlayStation exclusives are becoming less exclusive. Sony already successfully released ' Horizon Zero Dawn ' and 'Days Gone ' a few months ago, and recently confirmed that ' Uncharted 4 ' would also be coming to Windows PCs. Now new indications suggest that the next to arrive on PC will be the legendary 'God of War' .

This is shown by a filtered list of games that will theoretically reach NVIDIA's GeForce NOW service , including this exclusive from Sony. The company has confirmed to The Verge that the list is real, but they affirm that it is used only internally and that it contains "speculative titles".

Kratos prepares to disembark on the PC

The list - available on GitHub thanks to the creator of SteamDB, Pavel Djundik - was discovered by a developer named Ighor July who was precisely investigating NVIDIA's video game streaming service, called GeForce NOW.


In doing so, he discovered that list that when imported with a proxy server caused more than 18,000 games to appear in GeForce NOW, although the vast majority of them did not work even if the user had purchased them, as is usually a requirement in the service.

All God of War games ordered from worst to best In Extra Life All God of War games ordered from worst to best

In that filtered list there were also a good number of applications such as 3D Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop and even Microsoft Office , but what caused him more surprise was finding games that had never been announced for this platform, such as 'Mafia: Definitive Edition' or 'God of War' in its version for PS4 of 2018, which theoretically would also be preparing its version for PC.

The hypothetical appearance of 'God of War' for PC makes sense : Sony, as we said, has achieved notable success with the versions for Windows-based computers of 'Horizon Zero Dawn' and 'Zero Days', and it does not seem unreasonable to think that want to take advantage of that winning streak with another of their most reputable exclusives.

{"videoId":"x842ha4","autoplay":false,"title":"God of War Ragnarok Gameplay Trailer PlayStation Showcase 2021"}

It is also true that there are many titles on that list that it seems highly unlikely that they will end up being available on the GeForce Now service. For example, exclusive titles from Facebook's Oculus Rift or a hypothetical 'Titanfall 3' that actually seems to refer to 'Apex Legends'.

With everything and with that, 'God of War' is a title that could certainly end up appearing in its PC version, and in fact in the leaked list it is even revealed that it could end up also appearing available for sale on Steam .

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