{Disarmed} From Android 1 to Android 12: This is how the operating system has changed [Video]

Android 12 logo

Android 12 is just around the corner. It shouldn't be long before the final version is rolled out. With Material You, a new design language awaits us again. It is exciting to see how Android has changed in recent years.

Android has been with us for 13 years. The beginnings were a bit bumpy, but over the years the operating system dominated the market. This has had many design changes during this time, but some have not been as successful either.

Android 12 with Material You is certainly one of the most radical design changes in recent years. Everything is becoming more colorful, there are many new widgets and it looks more organic. Let's see how this will be received by the users.

The following video gives you an insight into what has happened from the early days of Android to the new Android 12. It's an exciting journey.

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