{Disarmed} The first art gallery with NFTs dedicated to Spanish artists: this is MITO and its exclusive collections

The first art gallery with NFTs dedicated to Spanish artists: this is MITO and its exclusive collections

"There are very powerful artists in Spain outside the door and we want them to do it inside as well," explains Jose Puche , co-founder and creative director of MITO , the new and first virtual art platform with NFTs dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community that now opens its doors in our country.

The art world lives with the NFTs a sweet moment, with creations capable of moving millions of dollars in 24 hours and where renowned artists like Jay-Z have bet on them. But in Spain there is also a community of digital artists with a long history and it is precisely these works that MITO wants to value, taking advantage of the possibilities that NFTs add.

In MITO we will find exclusive collections of artists who come from different disciplines. More than 40 Spanish-speaking artists who will be showing their work on this platform that seeks to position itself as a kind of Foundation at the Spanish level. A virtual art gallery where we can highlight the artists of our country and easily buy their works.

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Seeking to be the first great platform of NFTs for Spanish art


"We want to flee from the cyberpunk aesthetic", they assure from MITO to xiaomist.com. "We want to bring NFTs to all those people who love art and are interested in the NFT world but do not know about crypto assets ." To do this, users can quickly register on the platform and can simply buy with their conventional credit card.

Through Tor.us, which serves as a payment platform, MITO wants users to focus on the process of searching for art collections and not so much on the crypto asset part. However, for advanced users the possibility of linking to their own Metamask account is also offered.

San Isidro Posters

"The NFTs market in Spain has a long history. There is a brutal wall of criticism, but we want to bet on cultural and artistic value. We do not want to be a platform that sells stale JPGs. We seek to be a platform that bets on the creations from here, with recognizable works such as the San Isidro posters, which are part of our culture, " explains Puche.

"We are in a testing ground, but we have the experience worldwide that records are being broken on platforms such as OpenSea. However, it is still a niche world in Spain , that everything comes a little later", they point out. "Every time there are bigger artists and it is that the NFTs suppose a change of paradigm".

Among the first artists to be available at MITO are three Spanish artists with great projection in the NFT world . The first of them is Javier Arrés , a renowned artist with multiple works sold for large sums. Mercedes deBellard , the artist who became known a few years ago for being the illustrator of the San Isidro festivities in Madrid with female illustrations, will also offer an exclusive work at MITO. Luis Toledo, known as La Prisa Mata , will offer a new collection of his imaginary worlds.

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Polygon to reduce environmental impact

To avoid the high commissions of Ethereum-based platforms, from MITO they have decided to bet on the Polygon network, where at the moment the mintado commissions are euro cents .

"We want to have well tied points like those of the contamination . Paradoxically, the digital artists have to print their work to go to an exhibition hall . With the NFTs it is more affordable".

As they defend from MITO, with Polygon they reduce the energy impact of mining an NFT to 0.002 kWh, a figure similar to that of a credit card transaction. When buying and selling works on the platform, the token of this ecosystem will be used: Matic. Although, the intention in the medium term is the creation of its own Run token to further improve usability.

Myth 3

As part of the launch, next Friday September 24 there will be an inaugural drop with five pieces entitled MITO Origins. A work that will reward access to the AirDrop of its future token.

Two new collections a week

The germ of MITO emerged in March, explains one of the founders. They are currently a multidisciplinary team of six people, with experience in projects related to crypto assets and creativity.

MYTH will launch in beta and they hope to release the final version towards the end of October. The first collections will be available from this month and the intention of the creators is to launch two collections a week.

"We have more than 30 confirmed artists and we are closing the calendar for December and January 2022, " they say from the company. "There are very mature artists on the Spanish scene and we look for references in art, so that the user can get lost and discover the history behind each collection. We demand a minimum number of works from each artist, because we seek to tell a story. And all MITO collections are chosen by a team of people who accompany the artist in the creative process, there are no algorithms ".

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As it is a platform based on NFTs, MITO will allow traceability of resales. 80% of the final sale price will go to the artists, 15% to myth and 5% will be deposited to support the future token.

"You cannot prevent crypto assets from being used openly to earn money, but at least let's do it with artists of ours who deserve it, " argues Puche. "There is a market for NFTs. In Spain there is still a lot to do, but we artists already have them."

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