{Disarmed} Fairphone 4 5G: This is what the fair smartphone should look like

Fairphone 4 5G

Now the first pictures have appeared, which should show the upcoming Fairphone 4 5G. So the new model could be available soon, now that the Fairphone 3 has been discontinued. The first specs for the model are already available.

There were already the first rumors about the Fairphone 4 5G. Now it becomes a little more concrete, the first pictures show the model in two colors. There are initial indications of the specifications, as well as the price. But nothing is official yet, so it doesn't necessarily have to be correct.

So we can expect a 6.3 ″ display, 6 GB of RAM and a choice of 128 or 256 GB of storage. The camera should have a 48 MP main camera in a triple camera setup. 5G connectivity is now standard and will of course also be on board here.

What will the Fairphone 4 5G cost? Allegedly the price should be between EUR 549.00 and 599.00. As I said, nothing is official yet.


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