{Disarmed} Exploding OnePlus phones: manufacturer speaks out

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The OnePlus Nord 2 is said to have gone up in flames 3 times. In the last incident, it caught fire spontaneously and exploded. The owner, a lawyer, carried the phone in his jacket pocket and has since been "traumatized" according to his statement.

Since its introduction two months ago, three users have reported the purchase of a OnePlus Nord 2, which then went up in flames and exploded out of nowhere. The last affected person in particular pulls out all the stops. He's a lawyer and now he's probably looking to capitalize on it.

He has suffered multiple burns to his hip and has suffered from breathing problems since the incident caused by the smoke created in the explosion. The huge explosion also affected his hearing and eyesight. He suffered trauma and is currently being treated on the advice of his doctor.

OnePlus Nord 2 Smartphone explodiert
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"I feel like I have my death certificate (the Nord 2) in my pocket. I am very happy that I am still alive "

Mr. Gulati

OnePlus wanted to investigate this incident to find out what exactly happened. But this is where things get strange, because the lawyer has so far refused to subject the exploded Nord 2 to an exact diagnosis. Therefore, the OnePlus statement sounds correspondingly disappointing:

"We at OnePlus take every complaint of this kind very seriously out of concern for the safety of the users. In this particular case, despite multiple attempts to analyze the device, including a personal visit to examine it, the user has so far denied us the opportunity to perform an appropriate diagnosis. In these circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or to respond to this person's claims for damages. "


It's all very mysterious, especially that OnePlus is not given the opportunity to examine the device. Lets see how it goes on.

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