{Disarmed} EulerOS: A new openEuler open source operating system from Huawei


Huawei today unveiled a new version of its OpenEuler project - EulerOS. This is an open source operating system designed for digital infrastructure. According to Huawei, EulerOS is designed for a wide variety of systems and devices, including servers, cloud computing, embedded edge computing systems, and more.

The EulerOS application scenario covers the areas of information technology (IT), communication technology (CT) and operational technology (OT). This quality and the coverage of the areas enable EulerOS to create a uniform operating system that supports the development of multi-device applications and thus enables a seamless experience in all scenarios.

Huawei supplies solutions such as servers, storage, cloud services, edge computing, base stations, routers, industrial control, etc., all of which have to be equipped with operating systems. Therefore, Huawei has tried to create a uniform operating system architecture - EulerOS.

"In the future, Huawei will focus on developing two operating systems, HarmonyOS and Euler, which are open source at the same time. Hongmeng (HarmonyOS) is used in intelligent end devices, IoT terminals and industrial terminals; Euler is used in servers, edge computing and cloud infrastructures. "

Xu Zhijun

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