{Disarmed} The end! Samsung does not renew Galaxy Note trademarks

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung left out the Galaxy Note 21 series this year and replaced it with new models from the Galaxy Z series. Now it turns out that Samsung has not renewed its Galaxy Note brand, which ruins the chances of getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 22.

Samsung has updated its trademarks for numerous product names, including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series. The brands were renewed in August, presumably for next year's Galaxy smartphones.

The Galaxy Z series will also continue to be strongly promoted by Samsung. In the first week in South Korea alone, the company received over 900,000 pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. In short, it seems that the Galaxy Z series has replaced the Galaxy Note series, at least from Samsung's point of view.

The fact that the Galaxy Note series is not mentioned in these new trademarks shows that Samsung is arguably no longer planning a new model in the series. Bad news for all fans of the series.

Obviously, the Galaxy Note series is not currently included in Samsung's plans for 2022. And probably not later either. It can therefore be assumed that there will be no successor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.


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