{Disarmed} The EMOVE Roadrunner is a mini electric motorcycle with up to 80 kilometers of autonomy and fits in a trunk

The EMOVE Roadrunner is a mini electric motorcycle with up to 80 kilometers of autonomy and fits in a trunk

Like that of electric bikes , the showcase of electric motorcycles is increasingly varied as manufacturers are betting on these "greener" vehicles and perhaps more within the reach of many people with respect to an electric car . There are very fast , vintage electric motorcycles that are self-balancing and there are them like the Voro Motors EMOVE Roadrunner , with a long name and a small size.

It is an electric motorcycle designed for urban mobility and to be practical as well as small, since it fits in a trunk . It is not designed for large rounds, but the promised autonomy gives to be able to roll well before needing a new charge.

All-wheel drive and interchangeable battery

The EMOVE Roadrunner measures 127 centimeters in length and 96.5 centimeters in height, which may not suit those who have long legs and are not comfortable with them too flexed (although the handlebar is adjustable in both height and depth). It is designed so that it does not require folding to store it in places such as the trunk or a corner of the house or garage.

The wheels are 14 inches and weigh just under 25 kilograms , supporting up to 150 kg of load. It has an aesthetic that is almost more reminiscent of a bicycle, although without a luggage rack and with a rectangular saddle.

Emove Roadrunner 04

The frame is made of aluminum and integrates two electric motors, one in the center of each wheel, thus having all- wheel drive and achieving a power of 500 watts in the rear and 350 watts in the front. The speed that Voro Motors promises is 56 km / h, which is more than enough to move on short trips especially in the city, for which it is designed.

It has hydraulic disc brakes and suspension in the front, with LED lighting up to 280 lux. It has a screen that indicates values ​​of the remaining battery or the speed.

Emove Roadrunner 02

The battery is inserted under the saddle and on the rear wheel, so that it can be pulled out and / or exchanged. It is an interchangeable 48-volt lithium battery with a maximum capacity of 1,200 Wh, with which the manufacturer promises up to 80 km of autonomy.

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The Voro Motors EMOVE Roadrunner is available from 1,499 dollars (about 1,237 euros at the current exchange rate) on the Voro website , including the gift of an extra battery. If you buy it, of course, you have to take into account that it meets the specifications of a moped according to European legislation and that you would have to take care of the registration / homologation.

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