{Disarmed} Does the Google Camera app reveal the launch date of the Pixel 6 series?

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Google Store New York

Will the Google camera app now reveal the launch date of the Pixel 6 series? Because a GCam flag with the date 10/27/2021 has now appeared. It is believed that Google's Pixel 6 range will be available in stores on that day. And again, October 19th could have been confirmed as the launch date for the new Google Phones.

Google has still not uttered a single syllable about the release date of the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. So it's like in previous years, Google seems to be enjoying it when people guess when the new Pixel smartphones will appear.

The fact that October 27th has appeared as a flag in the GCam can only mean that something happens on that day - possibly the indication to install a new update of the app. And so far it has always been the case that with a new generation of pixels, a new version of the GCam has also been available.

So probably October 27th will be the date when you can buy the new Pixel 6 models. Google usually presents these 1 week in advance, so October 19th, which has already appeared several times, is likely to be the day on which Google will present the two new models. But let's wait and see, Google itself has not yet confirmed or denied it.


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