{Disarmed} The crazy world of super-tech caravans

The crazy world of super-tech caravans

The world of caravans is more technological than it seems. When in xiaomist.com we talk about the motor world , we usually do it above all to talk about cars and other vehicles that are a little more conventional. But quietly and without making big headlines, the caravan sector has also been innovating for years to become a house on wheels more than ever.

The best examples of how this industry is evolving can be found at events such as the Caravan Show in Dusseldorf , where some of the latest models from the best manufacturers are presented every year. In this type of event we can see great examples of what the sector is capable of giving of itself, from 100% electric or solar caravans , to authentic monsters with Jacuzzi and parking for helicopters.

In this article you will see examples of all kinds, from caravans that have been on the market for some year to others that have just been presented . Through them, you will be able to see how this sector is evolving step by step, and although some are just conceptual models, they help you see where the sector is headed.

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An electric motorhome with solar panels

{"videoId":"x83sa8p","autoplay":true,"title":"Dethleffs e.home - das erste vollelektrisch angetriebene Reisemobil"}

Imagine being able to go on a trip without having to stop to refuel. The German caravan manufacturer Dethleffs wants to make this a reality with its e.home , an electric motorhome with 31 square meters of solar panels all around its exterior, an 80 kW three-phase motor, and a 91 kWh battery pack. which gives it a range of 60 kilometers per charge cycle, although a 150 kilometer model is also in the works

The vehicle is manufactured on the basis of an IVECO Daily, and although the autonomy seems quite low, inside you can find all kinds of comforts. A large room, a spacious dining room, heated armchairs, a bathroom with a shower, ceramic hob and and total control of the entire interior of the vehicle with an application for mobile phones or tablets. The final model has not yet gone on sale, so we will still have to wait a bit to know its price.

100% electric motorhome

With the same concept as the previous one but much more modern and in keeping with the times to come. A few months ago the manufacturer WOF had presented the first 100% electric motorhome , and recently it has shown a new version with more autonomy. It is the new Iridium with 400 kilometers of autonomy, 30% more than the previous version.

It uses the modification of a lithium-ferrophosphate (LiFePO) battery and it is not any type of prototype, since it will hit the market in 2020. Of course, for now with a limited edition of 30 copies. It has dimensions of 699 x 230 x 280 cm, and what you would expect in a motorhome, such as beds, a dry bath or even a shower.

Mini car with charger for electric car


And if what is electric is the car, here you have a very interesting minicaravan . It has the appearance of a small trailer, but this opens up to become a mini-caravan with two bunk beds and plenty of storage space. But best of all, if your car's battery is running out, you can stop to connect it to the caravan and use its extra battery for recharging.

By connecting the car to the minicaravan, it will charge the car delivering a fast charge output of up to 60 kW, which according to the company could give you 160 kilometers of autonomy in 10 minutes. It might not be much, but when you go camping with an electric car and you can't find chargers nearby, this can save you from a tight spot.

Modular caravan no, the following

{"videoId":"x83sami","autoplay":false,"title":"sCarabane film"}

The sCaravane is a concept prototype from the French company Green Cat Technologies, which, although it does not yet have a commercial model, serves as an idea to see how a caravan can look like science fiction. It is a modular caravan that opens up to tripling the available floor area , and with various technologies that seek to make the most of natural energy.

For starters, it has a solar-powered charging system, another that uses the sun's rays to heat the water, and a 360 rotation system that would allow you to turn the caravan to look for direct sunlight. It also has a retractable wind turbine with which to take advantage of the windy afternoons to get a little more load, and all this without mentioning all the interior space with extras such as a minibar, two separate rooms, a washing machine, a dishwasher and a large terrace.

A popup motorhome

We were used to seeing lifting roofs in conventional campers and caravans, but the French company Florium has decided to include it in motorhomes as well to create the first with this type of add-ons. This is the new Baxter 64 LDF in its Black Pearl edition.

It is a 6.47-meter-long vehicle that, in addition to offering the comfort of a motorhome, adds the advantages of a camper van, such as face-to-face lounges, spacious kitchens and, of course, the roof. This rises to create a small cabin with a bed that you access with a retractable manual ladder.

A caravan with spa, cinema and terrace with barbecue


Sometimes the secret of superhomes is not so much in their technology as in the comforts, and the LV 2020 of Living Vehicle is so exclusive that its production will be only 25 units . Come on, you have to hurry if you want to pay the 182,200 euros in change that it will cost. It is completely customizable thanks to the more than 20 extra packages that you can add to the basic model.

You can put a theater system with a 70-inch retractable screen , a 4K DLP projector, and a Sonos sound system. It's framed with oversized windows and jackfruits, and you can put an air filtration system on it to be free of chemicals and volatile organic compounds. In addition to a terrace with barbecue and a spa, you have as an option a solar panel capable of generating 1,200 watts of energy, accumulative in the 8.7 kWh to 24 kWh battery that you can mount.

A real house to carry the car on your back

Although in general it is the cars that transport the caravans, there are also reverse cases. One of the most spectacular is the Volkner Mobil Performance S , a million and a half dollar motorhome the size of a bus, and with an electro-hydraulic opening system that allows a car to be hidden inside and easily removed whenever we go. to use.

Its interior is like that of a house, with its different perfectly separated rooms, quality furniture and little to miss a fixed house. It has an electronic system of mobile panels that allow the interior to be modulated according to the specific needs of each moment, and even a kitchen with an island. At twelve meters in length, space is certainly not a problem.

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Do you want windows? Here you are 22

{"videoId":"x83sapc","autoplay":false,"title":"Airstream Globetrotter® Travel Trailer Walkthrough Tour"}

When I think of the old caravan with which I went camping with my parents as a child, I remember that it hardly had more than 6 or 8 windows. But is that the new Airstream Globetrotter 30 has 22 windows making it a vehicle almost brighter than any house. All this with a customizable luxury interior and all the technologies.

It has benefits such as a Fusion Touchscreen HD Stereo sound system , compatible with Apple AirPlay and with Bluetooth connection, and independent air conditioning. All with large spaces, beds, a large bench and full bathrooms.

Perfect for the holidays ... or war

Adventure lovers also have vehicles capable of taking them almost anywhere. Like the Action Mobil Globecruiser Family 7500 , an off-road motorhome with a robust appearance , a very powerful 530 hp engine and a fuel tank with the capacity to store 400 liters of diesel. Of course, you will have to pay around 700,000 euros if you want to take her on vacation. Or to hell.

It weighs 18 tons, measures 9.9 meters long and also has a 1,000-liter water tank and four 240-watt solar panels with which to take advantage of solar energy when the fuel runs out. Inside there are two 2,400-watt air conditioners, space for two adults and two children and an equipped bathroom, as well as a module to transport a vehicle in the rear.

Hybrid caravan in case you want to sleep .. on a lake

Sea or mountain? Both. This is what this small German company proposes with its original amphibious caravan, the Sealander . It is a traditional caravan 4.06 meters long and 485 kg for two people that can also be a pleasure boat with a draft of 0.32 meters. The transformation from caravan to mini yacht is done very quickly , fixing the motor outboard to the caravan.

The Sealander is specially adapted to river and lake navigation, but the manufacturer claims that it can even be navigated without problems in calm seas. The basic model costs in Germany before taxes 16,900 euros, and obviously electronic packs and accessories can be added (230V sockets 120 W audio system), marine (anchor, moorings), refrigerator, washing machine, shower and even separate bathroom.

Panoramic and higher ceiling in loft style

There are also solutions for those who do not like having to bend slightly in a caravan. One of the latest is the Volkswagen California XXL , a motorhome almost six meters long and 2.20 meters high, which features a 3.70 meter long panoramic roof to enjoy the night sky on your getaways.

In addition to this roof, we also have a living room, a kitchen with a two-meter worktop, as well as two 50-liter refrigerators and a gas ceramic hob, a retractable shower, bedrooms, underfloor heating. All this without losing the overall size of the vehicle too much.

Futuristic design and mobile control

Just as we have several technology companies that take special care of the design of their devices, we also have caravan manufacturers that do the same. And if you don't check out the Knaus Caravisio , a concept model with a streamlined, futuristic design, and the ability to have a mobile app to remotely control various items such as lights, heating, or entertainment systems like its modern projector.

At the rear it also has a double pane frosted glass sliding door that can be made transparent to increase luminosity. It's a shame that it was only a concept prototype, but it helps to see where the ideas of the manufacturers are going.

Half caravan, half expandable house

And if you are one of those who are looking for a fixed caravan to live in it always in the same place, there are companies that do not want you to have to do without certain comforts to do so. An example is Aurora by ZeroSquared , a kind of caravan that becomes an expandable house capable of going from a width of eight meters to a width of four and a half.

In total, once the trailer is expanded it becomes a 31 square meter house, a whole one-story apartment with a dining room for up to four people, a small kitchen, a living room and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. It also has a small loft storage area accessible via a ladder. The trailer will go on sale this summer for a price that can be around $ 75,000.

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Modular double deck caravan

Modular Caravan

If you like good design and minimalism, the small Opperland modular motorhome may interest you. It seems like a small thing, but it can become a small two-story caravan . It offers space for two people to live, and is made from sustainable materials. It costs 129,982 euros (without VAT), including the Fiat Ducato .

This vehicle is mounted on a 152 hp Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet diesel, which is integrated with an extendable module 6 meters long and 2.2 meters wide. The back of the caravan opens to create an open space, and has large windows and various appliances.

With jacuzzi and your own helicopter

If money is not an issue, you can always go big with models like the Furrion Elysium RV . We are facing one of the most luxurious vehicle-houses in the world, so much so that on its roof it has a roof terrace with a jacuzzi and your own helicopter . Because carrying a car will never be as cool as carrying a helicopter.

And inside you can also find all kinds of luxuries, such as a 75-inch high definition flat TV, an advanced information and entertainment system, cameras, a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen with appliances ranging from a microwave to a dishwasher, through an oven or a wine cooler. It also has a bathroom with a smart shower, and a navigation and camera system for road safety.

Low-cost, cloaked technology

{"videoId":"x83saqe","autoplay":false,"title":"WEINSBERG CaraCito 2021 - Electric Caravan Without Gas_ Air Conditioning Included"}

Not everything is going to be giant caravans and they stand out right away. The technology can also be disguised under the guise of a perfectly normal caravan, and an example is this CaraCito. It is a fully electric caravan , in which you do not need gas or any other source of energy to cook or do anything else.

At the Dusseldorf Caravan Show they have been seen for less than 14,000 euros, a sign that the technology can also be affordable, at least if you settle for one that is totally electric without any of the crazy things that we have seen in others. caravans from the list.

To finish ... an airplane engine


As a curiosity, we are going to end the article with the Rolls-Royce Camper . Because someone had the idea of spending six years and 1,000 hours of work to convert an airplane engine into a caravan . It is a bit small, but thanks to the huge glass in the front opening, it is quite bright. Here you have the video.

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