{Disarmed} Corona warning app 2.9: Warnings from the organizer to guests possible

Corona warning app

The Corona Warning App 2.9 is here. This brings a few innovations with it. And the most important of these is certainly the one that should have been on board a long time ago. Because now it is possible for organizers to warn guests on behalf of the health department.

From now on, guests at an event no longer have to wait for warnings from the health department if there was a positive Corona case at the event. The organizers can now take this into their own hands and then warn their own guests.

This also means that you can now also be warned via the app if the infected person has not used the Corona warning app himself.

However, there is no two-week waiting period for those who have recovered and are vaccinated. In these cases, the Corona warning app now recognizes that it is a vaccination after recovery and shows the complete vaccination protection immediately and not after two weeks.

The exception is those who are vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after recovery. Since only one vaccination is required for this vaccine, the Corona Warning app cannot distinguish between those who have recovered and have been vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated regularly. In these cases, it always shows full vaccination protection after 14 days.

In addition, anyone who has received a booster vaccination can transfer it to the Corona warning app from version 2.9. Booster vaccinations are displayed like the other vaccination certificates with "Vaccination n of m".

In addition, both Android and iOS users who have carried out a PCR or rapid test can now call up the EU's digital COVID test certificate directly from their test result. To do this, select the test result on the app's start page. You can then select "Test Certificate" below. The prerequisite is that the certificate has been applied for in advance when registering the test.

Version 2.9 will be rolled out to all users step by step over a period of 48 hours. iOS users can now download the current app version manually from the Apple store. The Google Play Store does not offer any option to initiate a manual update. The new version of the Corona warning app will be available here within the next 48 hours.

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