{Disarmed} Corona warning app 2.10 is here

Corona warning app

The new version 2.10 of the Corona warning app has now been published. With the update, the app is ready to quickly inform users about any upcoming booster vaccinations. It will also show a print version of the vaccination certificates in the future. This allows you to save or print out the certificates as a PDF document.

There are still no official regulations on whether and for whom a booster vaccination is necessary. With the update to version 2.10, the Corona warning app is already prepared to implement possible rules immediately and to inform users who need a refresher.

In future, a text box under each vaccination certificate will keep users up to date on their vaccination status. If booster vaccinations are necessary, the Corona-Warn-App informs the user in this box and also indicates with a push message that there is news in the app.

A red point now also shows where there is news about your certificates. This visual guide makes it easier for users to find important information quickly, for example if a certificate has expired or a signature is invalid.

Version 2.10 will gradually be rolled out to all users over a period of 48 hours. iOS users can now download the current app version manually from the Apple store. The Google Play Store does not offer any option to initiate a manual update. The new version of the Corona warning app will be available here within the next 48 hours.

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