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{Disarmed} The best series of 2021 so far and the most anticipated that are to come

The best series of 2021 so far and the most anticipated that are to come

This year's fantastic television is undoubtedly going to be marked by the landing of a flood of Marvel series on Disney + that will make up for the company's relative shortage of movies. But not only Marvel does the fan live: 'The Witcher', 'Foundation' and many others will accompany us in these months in which long periods of time at home are still expected. We review all the future series that will accompany us in 2021 and some of those that have already done so , just as we did with the cinema .

The best movies of 2021 so far and the most anticipated ones to come In xiaomist.com The best movies of 2021 so far and the most anticipated ones to come

The best series of 2021 so far

'Scarlet Witch and Vision'

{"videoId":"x7zpuf3","autoplay":true,"title":"WandaVision Trailer"}

The return of the MCU after a year of total and unforeseen hiatus has come with this exclusive Disney + starter series that is especially disconcerting, by replicating with humor and multiple references the dynamics of television sitcoms from different times . In its second half, the series became a somewhat more conventional superhero adventure, but perfect to open your mouth for a Marvel year that promises more on television than on film.

'It's a Sin'

{"videoId":"x7zsvu4","autoplay":false,"title":"It's a Sin - Trailer"}

The first surprise of the year comes from the hand of HBO, although the series is originally English. Russell T Davies, creator of 'Queer As Folk' and the reboot of 'Doctor Who' goes back to the eighties to narrate the life of a group of young people whose very existence is threatened by the specter of AIDS. Honest and brutal, it overflows with genuine drama without falling into melodrama, and it's one of the great options so far this year if you're interested in ending the day with a lump in your throat.


{"videoId":"x7zt0k8","autoplay":false,"title":"Lupin - Trailer"}

One of Netflix's biggest hits of the year, mainly due to Omar Sy's charisma as an admirer of the mythical white-collar thief . Simple, direct intrigues, with the best flavor of traditional heist movies, those in which you have to put sarcasm aside and do your part to be fooled. Perfect for these cynical times.

'Cobra Kai' S3

{"videoId":"x7zt0tx","autoplay":false,"title":"Cobra Kai T3 - Trailer"}

Although this third season closes a plot arc that goes back to nothing less than 'Karate Kid II', this great series that Netflix produces from this batch of episodes does not get stuck in nostalgia . In fact, the past and its consequences is a vector theme, but 'Cobra Kai' has found a peculiar identity by playing with other elements and contributing its own emotions that are not borrowed. For now, the thing is open for a fourth season that promises more brutal and exaggerated than all the previous ones.

'Servant' T2

{"videoId":"x7zt1di","autoplay":false,"title":"Servant T2 - Trailer"}

M. Night Shyamalan's series is one of the most wicked and dark on television today. Its exclusivity for Apple TV + is causing not much talk about it, but its reflections on motherhood and family are so sinister that the director himself has not come to equal them even in his films. Cults, fake babies, witchcraft, family hysteria, a sticky and unbreathable atmosphere ... a true clinical picture for the most sadistic nightmare of current streaming .

'Solar Opposites'

{"videoId":"x80bqnu","autoplay":false,"title":"Solar Opposites - Trailer"}

A small surprise , clearly derived from the success of 'Rick and Morty', and that although it does not reach its levels of self-referentiality and plot complexity, it does pose a clear bet of Disney + in Europe for adult animation. Justin Roiland ("the other" creator of 'Rick and Morty') and Mike McMahan (screenwriter since its inception) do not hide the debt and plot aesthetics of this alien sitcom with the series they start from , but the result is hilarious, ingenious and most importantly: it opens up a new distribution channel for quality adult animation.

'Small Ax'

{"videoId":"x7zt4il","autoplay":false,"title":"Small Axe - Trailer"}

An ambitious project for the BBC by Steve McQueen, Oscar-winning director of '12 years of slavery ', which in Spain can be seen through Movistar +. These are five feature films not strictly connected to each other, but that paint a fresco of the racial issue in the UK through the conflictive decades of the sixties, eighties and nineties. An impressive work based on true stories, featuring actors like John Boyega and portraying environments as rarely seen in fiction as the reggae scene of the eighties.

'The Stand'

{"videoId":"x7zt4yn","autoplay":false,"title":"The Stand - Trailer"}

One of the most impressive adaptations that have been seen recently of Stephen King, and not exactly the easiest to carry out. The huge river-novel that describes how the world population is decimated by a supervirus (glups) has a cast of stars and a calm narrative, taking advantage of the narrative space provided by the serial format . Hard and with a very high technical bill, it is one of the great cathodic versions of the King, but as always, it is not the last we will see this year. It is never the last.

'Star Trek: Lower Decks'

{"videoId":"x80bqr4","autoplay":false,"title":"Star Trek Lower Decks - Trailer"}

It's not as funny as a Trekkie saying you can't do comedy with 'Star Trek', but almost. This great animated sitcom set on the lower decks of a ship from the series created by Gene Roddenberry demonstrates a knowledge of the universe in which it takes place to a point where it is superior to canonical series like 'Picard' . Mike McMahan, its creator, comes from 'Rick and Morty', and here he develops a less aggressive science fiction but with the same chicha.


{"videoId":"x7zmrjo","autoplay":false,"title":"Invincible Trailer"}

This Amazon Prime Video production based on the Robert Kirkman comic shows that the Marvel series are all very well to go to the canon of people in disguise, but if one wants some divergence from the typical heroes, there are other options available . Tons of blood and violence for a story that collects iconic elements from Superman and Spider-Man to comment on the myth of the superhero from its very core and reflect on the (hypothetical) morality of an omnipotent being.


{"videoId":"x81krll","autoplay":false,"title":"Calls - Trailer"}

The series that definitively demonstrated that Apple TV + was a full stop in streaming platforms in terms of their own content. From a series of telephone recordings, Fede Álvarez ('Don't breathe') starts from a French original with very similar scripts -but a much less sophisticated visual finish- to tell in different pills that an apocalypse is joined in the timelines . A visually captivating wonder and with the voices of people like Rosario Dawson, Pedro Pascal, Mark Duplass, Karen Gillan or Aubrey Plaza.

'Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

{"videoId":"x7zmtrz","autoplay":true,"title":"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer"}

After the relative change of direction and tone that 'Wandavision' has supposed (at least in its initial bars), it arrives almost in a row followed by Disney + a series that does transmit vibrations more than the traditional MCU. There is a certain humorous dynamic between these two Avengers, and also the return of Zemo, a classic Captain America villain that we already met in the early phases of the films and who steals the role without any difficulty. Almost total continuity for another guaranteed Marvel success, although it falls short in the interest of other series in the house.

'Lisey's story'

{"videoId":"x817on5","autoplay":false,"title":"Lisey's Story - Trailer"}

The unpredictable Pablo Larraín ('The club', 'Neruda', 'Jackie', 'Ema'), JJ Abrams as producer and Julianne Moore as protagonist team up with Apple TV + to adapt Stephen King , in which he was one of the productions inspired by the Maine author (in his favorite novel of all his, he says) most anticipated of 2021. It tells us the supernatural experiences of a woman who remembers the life and death of her husband, a successful writer. As always with Apple TV +, the series has gone a bit under the radar, but the truth is that it has a very careful invoice and a use of terror and suspense different from the average of television.


{"videoId":"x80dri9","autoplay":false,"title":"Loki - Trailer"}

Tom Hiddleston reprized his Loki persona by getting closer to 'Thor: Ragnarok' than to the more serious approaches of the MCU. The character of Loki gave for a product that played bewilderment (in the style of the first episodes of 'Wandavision') and humor, and if there was a Marvel series that could surprise and get rid of corsets , it was this: they got it with a A curious mix of adventure, buddy movie and comedy that brought the theme of parallel universes to the table and introduced what promises to be one of the most exciting villains of the future MCU.

'What would happen if...?'

{"videoId":"x80br4n","autoplay":false,"title":"What If... - Trailer"}

A great idea that, almost more than any conventional MCU project, can give a good idea of ​​the wealth of possibilities of the traditional Marvel Universe. The classic comic book idea of ​​"What if ...?" In order to tell alternative stories, he receives a revamped version in this animated series, with the actors of the films and series taking up their roles, and with stories that are not constrained by the needs of continuity.


{"videoId":"x7ztrl9","autoplay":false,"title":"THEM – Teaser Trailer"}

Very in tune with the latest samples of films and series with a deep racial charge (such as 'Lovecraft County' on HBO and in cinema, without going any further, the great and successful remake of 'Candyman'), this series that will tell different stories in each season he delves into the urban panic of an African-American family that in the 1950s came to live in a white neighborhood . Clear and direct message for a series with an exploit point, but that perfectly fulfills its purpose.

'New cherry flavor'

{"videoId":"x82u9wv","autoplay":false,"title":"Tráiler de 'Nuevo Sabor a Cereza'"}

One of the strangest and most disconcerting series of the year comes with the stamp of Nick Antosca, one of the great renovators of modern horror. He has already blown his thing with the great 'Channel Zero', and this 'New cherry flavor' has been one of the surprises of the summer on Netflix. Great cast led by the great Rosa Salazar and Catherine Keener , for a display of urban horror from Los Angeles that shows an almost constant capacity to surprise.


{"videoId":"x81fd8w","autoplay":false,"title":"MODOK - Trailer"}

Not 'Loki', not 'Wandavision', or anything like them. The Marvel series of the year, without a doubt, has been this animated madness that in the United States was seen on Hulu. It has behind the great Patton Oswalt as scriptwriter and voice actor of the protagonist, sublime creation of Jack Kirby, and the iconoclastic thugs of 'Robot Chicken' are in charge of the animation. The result is a demystifying sitcom , but at the same time in love with the paraphernalia and the typical bullshit of superhero mythology: an absolutely unique parody and one of the series of the year.

... and the most anticipated that are to come

'American Horror Stories'


"Stories", yes, because on the one hand, Ryan Murphy's mother series will premiere its tenth season (with a theme that could be related to mermaids). But we are more intrigued and attracted by this version with self-concluding chapters, in the old-fashioned way of the classic fantastic television anthologies . We know that here it will come to Disney + through Star, that part of the cast of the main series will be involved, and that the very busy Ryan Murphy, as always, will act as showrunner .

  • Premiere on September 8, 2021

'Y: The Last Man'

{"videoId":"x82psrz","autoplay":false,"title":"Y The Last Man - Teaser"}

The adaptation of the mythical comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra of the prestigious Vertigo line has all the ballots to become one of the hits of the fall. In the United States, it comes to Hulu and here to Disney +, and poses a world in which every man on the planet dies ... except one. He decides to cross the country from end to end to meet his girl again, but he will have to face women of very different intentions. Adventure, horror and social commentary for a series that refreshes the hackneyed panorama of apocalyptic series.

  • Premiere September 22, 2021

'Star Wars: Visions'

{"videoId":"x83h83v","autoplay":false,"title":"Star Wars Visions - Trailer"}

An interesting Disney + proposal that differs from the different and very interesting series about the 'Star Wars' franchise that is currently underway . In this case, they are nine independent shorts created with manga aesthetics by a series of studios of very diverse styles, such as Trigger ('Kill la Kill'), Science SARU ('Devilman Crybaby') or Production IG ('Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex '). And the most interesting: they are not tied to the official continuity.

  • Premiere September 22, 2021

'Midnight mass'

{"videoId":"x839nts","autoplay":false,"title":"'Misa de medianoche': tráiler de la nueva serie de terror de Mike Flanagan para Netflix"}

Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy, responsible for one of Netflix's biggest hits of recent times, 'The Curse of Hill House', return with another horror story: an isolated community on an island begins to experience miraculous events when a new one arrives priest Repeat some of the protagonists of 'Hill House', such as Kate Siegel or Henry Thomas.

  • Premiere on September 24, 2021


{"videoId":"x80b7xc","autoplay":false,"title":"Foundation - Trailer"}

The most anticipated premiere of the year on Apple TV + is this ambitious adaptation of the classic by Isaac Asimov, which in principle will be inspired by the first three novels of his saga, 'Foundation' (1951), 'Foundation and Empire' (1952) and ' Second Foundation '(1953). In it Asimov raises the mathematical theory of psychohistory, which statistically is capable of predicting the future on a large scale , including the debacle of the Galactic Empire.

  • Premiere on September 24, 2021


{"videoId":"x83xryk","autoplay":false,"title":"Invasion - Trailer"}

Screenwriter Simon Kinverg, who has written many of the 'X-Men' films, is one of the showrunners of this choral sci-fi drama that will follow an alien invasion from very different points on the planet . Among its protagonists are Sam Neill, Shamier Anderson and Golshifteh Farahani and it promises a good dose of emotion, beyond the neat visual finish to which Apple TV + has accustomed us.

  • Premiere October 22

'Cowboy Bebop'


There are already some first images of this series that adapts the mythical 1998 anime of Hajime Yatate, but only that. He directs Alex Garcia Lopez, and as in the original series, he follows a handful of bounty hunters aboard the Bebop ship . In the cast are John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, Alex Hassell and Elena Satine, of course the fans have pulled their nails and we hope they retain the great mix of sci-fi, western and futuristic jazz from the original cult anime.

  • Premiere on November 19, 2021

'The Witcher' S2


At the moment the information comes in a dropper, but little is yet known about the highly anticipated new season of the adventures of Geralt De Rivia , who will be brought back to life by Henry Cavill. This second part possibly focuses on the sorcerer's efforts to bring Princess Cirilla to Kaer Morhen , the safest place he knows, while mysterious powers awaken within it. More fighting, violence, epic and coins for the witcher in one of the undisputed highlights of Netflix for this year.

  • Premiere December 17, 2021

What we owe to 'Foundation': why the new Apple TV + series based on Asimov's books is more relevant than ever In xiaomist.com What we owe to 'Foundation': why the new Apple TV + series based on Asimov's books is more relevant than ever

'The Book of Bobba Fett'

The Book Of Boba Fett 1200x630 C Ar1 91

The first spin-off of 'The Mandalorian' will arrive at the end of the year, and it focuses on what is perhaps the most loved character by Star Wars fans: the bounty hunter Bobba Fett , another Mandalorian whose first incarnation in live image dates from 'The Empire Strikes Back'. As in 'The Mandalorian', it will be played by its original actor, Temuera Morrison, who will be accompanied by another bounty hunter born in the Baby Yoda series, Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen)

  • Premiere in December 2021

'The Sandman'

Very little is known about the Netflix adaptation of one of the most beloved and respected comics of recent decades, but the little that is known points very high. First of all, the most important thing: Neil Gaiman is on board supervising scripts and producing . The showrunner will be Allan Heinberg, writer of 'Wonder Woman', accompanied by David Goyer, who wrote 'The Dark Knight' and many other superhero films. The cast, in short, also promises, with the British Tom Sturridge giving life to Dream. Until we see images we will not know if they have captured the very special atmosphere of the original, but until then, it is exciting and everything.

  • Premiere in 2021


{"videoId":"x804605","autoplay":false,"title":"Hawkeye - Trailer"}

Possibly, along with 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier', the Marvel and Disney + series for this year that more directly will continue with the films that we already know . This, specifically, places his action after the events of 'Endgame', and will serve to delve into a character we already know, Kate Bishop, the new Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner will return as Clint Barton, but the focus will be on the heir to the bow, played by Hailee Steinfeld. It will be based on the extraordinary comics by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Javier Pulido, and will also have a prominent role Florence Pugh, the new Black Widow, who will have made her film debut in the latter .

  • Premiere late 2021

'Ms. Marvel '

{"videoId":"x804673","autoplay":false,"title":"Ms. Marvel - Trailer"}

One of the most beloved characters of all recent Marvel creations on paper, and an obvious choice for a series on Disney + - it fits in with the company's new diversity policies (racial and sexual) and the teenage lead is very attractive. In addition, this young woman with the power to change the size and elasticity of her body, remotely related to Captain Marvel, clearly connects with the tradition, since the days of Spider-Man, of the hero overcome by his powers. It stars Iman Vellan.

  • Premiere late 2021

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