{Disarmed} AptX Lossless: High Definition Music Comes to Wireless Headphones from Qualcomm

AptX Lossless: High Definition Music Comes to Wireless Headphones from Qualcomm

2021 has been the year of music without loss. Apple announced months ago that Lossless (lossless) sound and Dolby Atmos were coming to its Apple Music at no additional cost and, minutes later, Amazon was doing the exact same thing with Amazon Music HD . The problem is that these services cannot be fully exploited due to the limitations of wireless headphones .

It is a question of codecs . With a few exceptions, most fully wireless headsets use the AAC codec, which is limited to 256 Kbps . It is insufficient even for the highest quality that Spotify dispatches today (320 Kbps). You need a more capable codec and Qualcomm just brought it to the table: aptX Lossless .

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AptX Lossless is an evolution of aptX Adaptive . The codec is designed to deliver 16-bit 44.1KHz lossless audio over Bluetooth . For this, it uses Qualcomm Bluetooth High Link technology, which is capable of offering a bandwidth of around 1 Mbps. It is a substantial and important improvement, to the point that it surpasses Sony's LDAC and its 990 Kbps.

Qualcomm claims that the lossless audio "is mathematically exact bit by bit." It also claims that the system adapts automatically so that it can slow down to 140 Kbps in congested RF environments to minimize drops or failures. In the same way, it automatically detects lossless audio in CD quality when the audio source is lossless.

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In any case, the system still has some other limitation. Without going any further, aptX Lossless is capable of offering 16-bit 44.1 KHz lossless audio, but services such as Apple Music are capable of offering 24-bit 48 Khz or 24-bit 192 KHz (Hi-Res Lossless) songs. ). For these qualities it will still be necessary to have wired headphones .

For the aptX Lossless codec to work, it will be necessary that both the client (mobile, tablet ...) and the headphones have the codec. From Qualcomm they say that the first devices compatible with aptX Lossless will arrive in early 2022 , so we will have to wait until then.

More information | Qualcomm

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