{Disarmed} Apple: No Samsung camera technology for iPhones in 2023, as it is too expensive

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Reports come from South Korea that Apple will not use Samsung's camera technology for the iPhones in 2023. Too high costs should be the main reason. But did Cupertino make the decision?

The so-called periscope cameras are the focus of development. Apple has reportedly given up the idea of ​​sourcing the zoom sensors from Jahwa Electronics in Seoul. This is mainly due to the fact that this solution was developed in collaboration with Samsung Electro-Mechanics. It is therefore questionable whether Jahwa would even be able to deliver the technology without involving Samsung.

The iPhone manufacturer has previously obtained the zoom components from Mitsumi Electric and Alps Electric. And considering how much the iPhone is already dependent on Samsung, it's not surprising that Cupertino is reluctant to give its rival even more bargaining power.

LG InnoTek Apple could now be available as an alternative for this. However, whether this will succeed in time for the delivery of the iPhone series in 2023 remains questionable. The LG subsidiary has been working with Apple for a long time, but its technology is still in its infancy.

Hence, it is likely that Samsung will deliver unmatched mobile zoom performance in 2023. Anyway, Apple is still considering Jahwa's optical image stabilization technology, it said. Even if the company would have to pay even more license fees to Samsung in the end. Maybe Apple even found a way around the patent problems?

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