{Disarmed} Apple iPad Mini (2021): The smallest iPad undergoes the biggest design change in years

Apple iPad Mini (2021): The smallest iPad undergoes the biggest design change in years

It is the great renovation that we expected for the iPad Mini. The new Apple iPad Mini arrives with one of the great redesigns of recent years , with a new look similar to the iPhone with straight edges and smaller frames. An update to Apple's compact tablet that will offer an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina panel and a new Touch ID site.

These are the characteristics of the iPad Mini (2021), a tablet next to the new iPad (2021) and undoubtedly one of the surprises that Apple had in store for its presentation event in September.

Data sheet of the new Apple iPad Mini (2021)

Apple iPad Mini (2021)


8.3 inch Liquid Retina
500 nits


Apple A15 Bionic


64/256 GB

Rear camera

12 MP, f / 1.8

Front camera

12 MP, wide angle


iPadOS 15


WiFi 6
5G model
Touch ID


Apple Pencil (2nd generation)


Stereo speakers


From 549 euros

An iPhone-like straight-edged design

Apple Ipad Mini Datasheet

The iPad Mini (2021) arrives with a design with straight edges like the iPhone, with different colors available: mauve, pink, gold and gray.

It arrives with an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina panel with 500 nit brightness , True Tone, and an anti-reflective coating. At the design level, the Touch ID will now be located on the power button in the upper right.

Touch Id

Inside it offers an Apple A15 Bionic processor that compared to the previous one is 40% faster at the CPU level and up to 80% faster on the GPU. Accompanying we have Neural Engine, which doubles the performance of the previous model for machine learning.

Ipad Mini Games

At the connectivity level, the iPad Mini comes with a 5G model and USB Type-C for the connection, promising a data transfer rate up to 10x faster than Lightning.

Ipad Mini Camera

For the camera, the new iPad Mini relies on a 12-megapixel main sensor with an f / 1.8 aperture lens. True Tone flash is also added and records in 4K resolution. For the front camera, an ultra-wide-angle sensor is also added with 12 megapixels with support for Center Stage.

The sound section has also taken a leap in quality, with new stereo speakers .

Availability and price of the new iPad Mini (2021)

Ipad Mini Colors

The new Apple iPad Mini (2021) will be available to pre-order from today, launching next week. Its official price is 549 euros for the WiFi version and 719 euros for the version with cellular connectivity.

IPad Mini 2021

In development ... you can follow the presentation event here . More information | Manzana

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