{Disarmed} Android 12.1 brings further adjustments for foldable smartphones, Greetings from Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold

The xda-developers discovered some interesting information about Android 12.1. Google's first "interim update" for Android in years should be aimed at improving foldable phones. It's also possible that this is a step in preparation for the Pixel Fold's release.

A docked taskbar has now been spotted in previous beta versions of Android 12, and a tutorial was found along with some strings of code indicating how the taskbar would behave. And that should only really make sense with foldable phones.

By default, the dock remains open on the start screen or in a split-screen view and is hidden as soon as an app is opened in full-screen mode. This taskbar is designed for devices with large screens, such as tablets, whose screens are better suited for multitasking.

Android 12.1 taskbar feature for foldables
: xda-developers

The system's code describes optimized animations when the screen is folded in and out and shows an image of an opened phone that presents the taskbar. What is interesting is that the image shows two separate instances of the Google Chrome browser. Hence, we could see support for this browser in Android 12.1 to improve multitasking.

Thanks to the details in the upcoming Android 12.1, it has now come out that Google is working on another foldable pixel, code-named "Jumbojack". Last year there were initial indications that Google was working on a foldable device. This had the code name "Passport" and should be in the "4. Quarter 2021 ". In the meantime, the details about the device have become more specific, with minor references to the foldable device even surfacing in Android 12 beta builds.

Jumbojack is said to have a design similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a large inner and a smaller outer display.

xda-developers | 9TO5Google

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