{Disarmed} Android 12 Beta 5 "Release Candidate" is here

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Google rolled out the Android 12 Beta 5, the last beta version before the full version was released. The release candidate is here, so the final version is practically just around the corner. This last test version should show again that it is error-free and now has all the features of the final version on board.

Android 12 has reached "platform stability" with Beta 4, so that all system behaviors and APIs are final and developers can carry out final compatibility tests for apps. That means ensuring that apps work with the new Android 12 features like the privacy dashboard, new privacy toggles and indicators, the new app home screen, and much more.

With Beta 5 there are no longer any special innovations, but it also means that many of the bugs found in Beta 4 are now hopefully eliminated. The Android 12 Beta 5 is now also available for the new Google Pixel 5a.

As this will be the final beta, Android 12 is expected to be unveiled later in September. Google is silent on an exact date, but states that it will appear "in the coming weeks".

"We are only a few weeks away from the official release of Android 12! While we are putting the finishing touches to the new Android version, today we are providing you with a final beta update that will support you with testing and development. "

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