{Disarmed} Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 can be seen in the first photos

Amazfit GTR 3

Anatel and the FCC have released images that show that Amazfit is preparing for the release of the next generation of its smartwatches. If it goes according to the known release schedule, it shouldn't be too long before Amazfit introduces the GTR 3 and GTS 3.

Last year Amazfit launched the GTR 2 and GTS 2, two smartwatches with AMOLED displays and Amazon Alexa support. And now the successors are apparently just around the corner. Because the first pictures now show the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3.

So far, the entries from Anatel and the FCC have been published in Brazil and the USA, respectively. According to Canaltech, the GTR 3 has a 440 mAh battery, 31 mAh less than the GTR 2. Canaltech mentions that Anatel has also published manuals for both devices but has not posted any screenshots or links to them.

Amazfit GTS 3

The website has published pictures of the GTR 3 and GTS 3 with the model numbers A2040 and A2035. Incidentally, the only FCC entry confirms that the A2035 is a new GTS 3 and not the GTR 3e, as Canaltech claims. While the FCC has not released any external pictures or manuals, a document shows that the A2035 has a Squircle display that matches previous Amazfit GTS designs.

Unfortunately, it is unclear when Amazfit will announce its new smartwatches. However, the appearance of the two watches at certification bodies suggests that Amazfit is preparing them for an early release.

FCC | Canaltech

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