{Disarmed} 143 Microsoft PowerPoint templates to organize EVERYTHING

143 Microsoft PowerPoint templates to organize EVERYTHING

We continue with our saga of templates for Microsoft Office applications. After bringing you our collections of Word templates and Excel templates , today we finish our trilogy with a compilation of 143 PowerPoint templates to give color and variety to all your presentations with all kinds of designs.

This tool may seem a bit old-fashioned, but today you can find templates to do almost everything . We are going to start with two lists of templates in which there is only one background for slides and another that comes with several pages where you can see all the data that you can add. Then we will continue with templates for photo albums, certificates and diplomas, diagrams and graphics, and a last varied list with all kinds of projects.

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We are also going to include a special section for templates much more modern than the ones you will find in the rest of them. There are another 23 that our brothers from Genbeta proposed to us in two articles ( 1 and 2 ), and that we have not been able to stop including in our list today to make it as comprehensive and complete as possible.

Simple templates with backgrounds only

We start our list with a section in which you will find the simplest templates of all. They are those in which the only thing that is provided is a background to be able to decorate the vignettes of your presentations, an important first step to be able to give them a personality that suits your needs.

  • Haute Couture : A template in 4: 3 format to give a theatrical and elegant touch to a presentation with its black and white background, which you can use in any of the presentations you make.
  • Sky blue : One of the simplest templates you can find. Simply a sky blue background color with coordinated white lettering, fonts, effects, and accent colors. With 16: 9 wide format.
  • Electric Blue : A theme that follows in the footsteps of the previous one in terms of simplicity with panoramic format, but that gives it some modernity with a blue gradient background with a black tab for the slide number.
  • Orange Berlin : A template that features a serious but visual slide layout, with an orange gradient background highlighted by the black title bar and coordinated slide number tab.
  • Dark Condensation Trail 1 : A simple template for your presentation slides, with a black background and multi-colored waves. The layout contains coordinated fonts, effects, and accent colors, and is in 16: 9 aspect ratio.
  • Numbers : A template with a bluish background drawing that shows a laptop and numbers. It can be used to make presentations related to the world of computing.
  • Clear office 1 : Few simpler templates you will find. Completely white background and black letters, and a palette of colors, fonts and effects for the presentation of your content.
  • Dark Office 1 : If you are looking for simplicity above all else, this template is made for you. It simply allows you to create slides with a black background and light colors for the letters.
  • Medical Design Template : A template with a purple wallpaper with the pharmaceutical symbol, suitable for any type of presentation content that is related to the world of medicine.
  • Quill Pen Design Template : A simple template featuring a bird's quill inkwell drawing, all in garnet tones for when you need to create presentations based on those colors.
  • Design template Rulers : A template with which you can create vignettes in which the image of a graph paper with a ruler next to it is seen in the background. It can be used for presentations in various fields such as education.
  • Tatami design template: A template with which you can create vignettes with a wallpaper that emulates a tatami in your presentations. Simple, but perhaps useful in some contexts where you may need it.
  • Presentation (Rose) : A very normal template, with which you can create all your vignettes with an image of a rose in the background.
  • Geometric presentation : A nice template to put the cover for a presentation, with a background image divided into several geometric elements.
  • Dark Mesh 1 : Layout in a 16: 9 format for slides, with a dark gray mesh background that adds texture and contrast to the subject's muted accent colors. Incorporate fonts and effects.
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Presentations with sample pages

We continue with a list with somewhat more complex templates. In this case, in addition to a background, the template also already has several example bullets that show the types of elements that you can add to your presentations, from graphics to drawings through tables and other objects that you can edit or copy and paste. .

  • Moody Abstract Design Slides : A series of panoramic vignettes with a distinctive blurred abstract background for a stylish look. Include several test bullets with all the element types that you can include in your presentations.
  • Slide Layout Landmark : A slide layout template, featuring the relaxing image of the sea and a translucent white overlay that enhances the readability of the text.
  • Presentation design for the educational field of some children playing (animated illustration, panoramic screen) : A template with some carefree designs in which you can decorate your slides with images in which you see people walking with a dog in a field, everything it like a cartoon.
  • Purple Flowers on a Blue Background (Panoramic) : A template with different widescreen layouts, all featuring purple-toned flowers on a blue background. It has several pages with different types of presentations so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Presentation background of a sketch of a city with offices (widescreen) : A template with a cover with an illustration of a city, and with dark brown bullets that show some examples of the content that you can insert, such as graphics or tables.
  • Academic presentation, ribbon design and pinstripe (panoramic) : Template designed for teachers of institutes, universities, administrators and other people in the educational field because of its cover with books and its wide dark gray bands and matching pinstripes. It has a widescreen format (16: 9), and you can modify it to your liking.
  • Fresh Food Presentation (Panoramic) : For a food-themed presentation, this layout includes a title slide with an image of vegetables on a clean white background, and the rest of the templates have a white background and margins in the colors you want. They are in relation to the vegetables shown at the beginning.
  • Basketball Presentation (Widescreen) : Allows you to prepare a sport strategy or statistics presentation. It is a template focused on basketball and with backgrounds with a basketball and a photo of a court. It has sample photos, charts, and tables, plus numerous layouts.
  • Triple Lines Circuit Presentation (Widescreen) : A simple template with a single dark-colored background with angular light blue lines that convey an image similar to circuitry, wiring, or connections. Designed for the widescreen display, it has bullets that include a list of SmartArt graphics and a sample graphic.
  • Medical Design Presentation (Panoramic) : A red and white design that includes a photo incorporating a photograph of a heart monitor on the title slide. The content slides feature black text in the body and a red stripe with white text in the title for a perfect match. They also have sample charts, tables, and SmartArt graphics in perfectly matched colors.
  • Company strategy presentation : A template with a background reminiscent of an office building or medical facility, all in shades of black and white to bring out bright colored text. Their bullets form a business strategy presentation that you can edit to your liking.
  • Country Report Presentation : A theme in shades of white and gray with the world map in the background. Perfect for creating presentations that are related to the world or specific countries. In addition, the chosen colors give it a seriousness that makes it suitable for professional environments.
  • Wood Grain Nature Presentation (Widescreen) : Template decorated with a dark wood grain type that is accented on some slides with a green band. It is suitable for a natural or informal presentation, but you can also use it in other areas that inspire seriousness. It includes layouts such as a list of SmartArt graphics, photos with captions, a sample graphic, and a blank slide, all in a widescreen (16: 9) format.
  • Fall Presentation for Educational Fun (Panoramic) : A funky illustration template for a fall presentation, featuring a school, bus, trees, leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows in bright fall colors. This is a panoramic (16: 9) template with various slide layouts that you can modify.
  • Marketing plan presentation . A template in which bullet by bullet gives you a marketing plan presentation. Of course, you can modify all the slides to enter your own data.
  • Business Plan Presentation (Ionic Green, Panoramic Layout) : This plan template highlights the key points your investors will want to know about your business plan: Concept, Market Summary, Opportunities, Competition, Goals, Team, Resource Requirements, financial plan, risks and rewards. All editable according to your needs.
  • Sales Proposal Presentation : A presentation in which you are guided, vignette by vignette, in the development of a sales proposition. Each of these vignettes can be edited to suit your needs.
  • Science project presentation (panoramic) : A template intended for presentations that have to do with the world of science, especially for its background composed of an image of test tubes. It includes sample content, such as the question you wanted to answer with the project, details of the investigation, variables, hypotheses, and a graph for the data that was recorded.
  • Health and Sport Presentation (Widescreen) : Includes a title slide with three photos showing one person lifting weights and two people running, although you can change everything. The content slides in this presentation include a chart, table, and SmartArt graphic, and the template is intended for coaches, athletes, and / or nutritionists.
  • Contrast Business Presentation (Panoramic) : A template with a background reminiscent of an office building or medical facility, all in shades of black and white to make bright colored text stand out. It includes several sample bullets, with graphics of various types and informational charts.
  • Watercolor Presentation (Panoramic) : A presentation with templates that use a wallpaper with a paper texture and colors similar to those of watercolor. Inside you will find several designs, among which you can choose the most suitable for your presentation.
  • Cherry Blossom Presentation (Panoramic) : Give your presentations a springy, pink look with this template based on a cherry blossom design. It is a panoramic template (16: 9) with natural motifs, and that integrates sample content in the same color combination that you can modify to your liking.
  • Classic Book Educational Presentation (Widescreen) : Simulates the cover and pages of a book using a brown textured title slide and white content slides. It contains several layouts that you can modify, including tables, graphs and list of elements, and it has a widescreen (16: 9) format.
  • Presentation for works on a country : A template that in the title panel shows you a large globe with yellowish brown backgrounds, and then uses those tones throughout the pages. Include example bullets with the different types of elements you can use.
  • Presentation for a science project : A template with test tubes on its title page, and a background with scientific motifs for the rest of the vignettes. Designed for science projects and with example vignettes that serve as guides.
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Modern and animated templates

Virtually all the templates in this selection today are quite simple and accessible to everyone. However, we have also decided to include this selection with other more modern and complete templates that our brothers from Genbeta presented to us in their day , and that also serve multiple functions.

  • Business Infographics : Ideal for creating a business plan presentation, this template includes 10 animated slides, it is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides. All the graphics are vector and so you can scale them however you want.
  • Business Strategy : This template is free for personal and commercial use, it contains 25 extremely elegant slides and created by Slidesmash Design. All fully editable, and also includes 100 free-to-use vector icons.
  • Castor : For those who prefer dark backgrounds, this is the perfect template. It includes more than 60 fully animated slides, and it also offers three varieties of colors to contrast.
  • Cerimon : A template designed for health and medical topics. Contains 25 highly colorful, ready-to-edit slides. Includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map.
  • City buildings silhouettes and colors : A basic presentation with only three slide styles. Perfect for quick presentations and whose author does not want to create too many different things. It comes in widescreen and standard size.
  • Dumaine : Modern and colorful template. Contains 25 highly colorful, ready-to-edit slides. Includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map. It also contains editable graphics and device mockups.
  • Editable Infographic : This template is composed of business analysis diagram data visualization slides. It contains 10 slides and is also compatible with Keynote and Google Slides.
  • Eglamour : An art-style presentation with multiple watercolor-style backgrounds. Ready to edit, you can change colors, text and photos. Contains 25 slides with sample charts and tables. It also includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map.
  • Exclusive : This template is intended for a long business presentation with a lot of text. Contains 25 fully editable colorful slides. It also includes high-quality vector graphics.
  • Five Segments Puzzle Diagram : It is a fairly basic and simple presentation, it contains only 9 slides, but they have a fairly specific purpose that may be useful to you thanks to the circular puzzle-shaped diagram that is also animated.
  • Flat Project Management : Elegant and with slides containing graphics or images accompanied by text. Serious as well as colorful, with about 15 slides.
  • Gertrude : An elegant presentation with multiple photographs. Contains 24 fully editable slides, with sample charts and tables. It also brings 80 customizable icons.
  • Guild : A simple and easy to edit presentation. Perfect for any type of topic. You can change the main colors to your liking. Contains 25 slides with sample charts and tables. It also includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map.
  • Hecate : Modern and colorful presentation. Ready to edit, you can change colors, text and photos. Contains 25 slides with sample charts and tables. It also includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map. You can download it for PowerPoint or edit it directly in Google Docs Presentations.
  • Jacquenetta : A simple and minimalist presentation quite elegant. Ready to edit, you can change colors, text and photos. Contains 25 slides with sample charts and tables. It also includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map. It is made for 16: 9 widescreen displays but can be changed to 4: 3 in Google Slides.
  • JD : This template is ideal for a personal presentation. It contains 20 slides, and although the process to get it for free is a bit tedious (you have to write to their Facebook page after subscribing, so they can send you the link), if you like it, it's worth it.
  • Look : This presentation has very nice and striking pastel colors. It includes 33 fully animated slides and comes in two varieties of colors.
  • Power : This template is absolutely phenomenal. It contains more than 120 slides, more than 800 typographic icons included in the presentation, you can invert the colors from light to dark, it has 24 color variations, it includes the free fonts, and they are all animated with dynamic transitions.
  • Procyon : Contains 45 fully animated slides in four color varieties. If you are interested in knowing the licenses of some of the content they use, such as images and fonts, you can read details in the description.
  • Ragonize : A modern presentation that uses multiple high-quality background photos. Ready to edit, you can change colors, text and photos. Contains 25 slides with sample charts and tables. It also includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map.
  • Rigel : This is one of the most casual templates of all, perhaps a perfect one for students. Contains 48 fully animated slides.
  • Ulysses : Professional style presentation with a corporate look. Ready to edit, you can change colors, text and photos. Contains 25 slides with sample charts and tables. It also includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map.
  • Ursula : A blackboard style presentation. Contains 25 highly colorful, ready-to-edit slides. Includes a family of 80 customizable icons and a map.
  • Vega : It is a very colorful template, it includes more than 80 fully animated slides, with even several animations showing at the same time.
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Photo album templates

We now continue with a little peculiar templates. These are ones that are designed so that you can create photo albums using PowerPoint slides or bullets. The designs already include the spaces where you will only have to put the photos you want.

  • Family Reunion Photo Album : A light-hearted picnic design, with tablecloth grass and ants, for a family album. Simple and basic for those who do not want to get too complicated with the designs of the placement of the photos.
  • Photo album, heart-shaped flower design (widescreen) : With a carefree and childish design, it presents you with several vignettes with the frames prepared so that you only have to put the photos of the little ones.
  • Classic photo album : If you are looking for an elegant design that does not have to envy too much to professional albums despite being PowerPoint, this one interests you. With its gray background, it is perfect to let yourself go and use it, for example, to expose several photos in black and white.
  • Graduation Photo Album, Black (Widescreen) : Although the main reason is graduation, in reality this album is good for almost everything. It is basic, with a dark background and squares to put the photos, and stands out for the huge number of vignettes that the template already brings.
  • Vacation photo album (chalk design) : An album that frames the slides with borders of full color chalk, and that already has several vignettes in which to put the photos. Do not be fooled by its name, because it is a neutral enough design that it can be used in various types of albums.
  • Photo album with pink hearts (widescreen) : A photo album with various backgrounds with drawings of hearts and pink and fuchsia tones. It already has several pre-generated vignettes with blank spaces to place your photos, a design to take into account in events such as Valentine's Day.
  • Baby photo album (animal sketches, widescreen) : An album that has several vignettes with different backgrounds with children's images of animals. It already has the areas for the photos marked so that you only have to put yours, and it is perfect for babies.
  • Spring Break Photo Album (Beach Layout, Widescreen) : An album with a background in which the layout is inspired by the beach and surfing. It has different vignettes already prepared with frames so that you only have to put your favorite photos, and it has a panoramic design.
  • Family photo album (natural design with leaves) : A design in which you are offered several slides with different spaces to place the photos in a dynamic and non-repetitive way. All this with some wallpapers with different designs with drawings of leaves.
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Templates for certificates and diplomas

No, the templates that you are going to find here have no official value, but they contain certificates and diplomas that can help you get out of the way and give small recognitions to students or employees. Designs are single page and ready to print. We have opted for variety instead of repeating the same themes with different colors.

  • Academic Certificate (Formal Green Border) : Teachers can use this customizable certificate of merit to reward their students for their academic success. The formal green border design is suitable for all school ages.
  • Kindergarten Diploma Certificate : A light-hearted design to print a Kindergarten diploma certificate. It can be modified to make diploma templates, awards, graduation certificates.
  • Training Certificate (Purple String Design) : Show your appreciation to someone who has successfully completed a training series or course. This certificate features a purple chain border and customizable text.
  • Employee of the Month Certificate (Gray Chain Design) : With a gray chain border and a stylish font, and ready to be printed on 216 × 279mm paper, this certificate can be used to have a detail with your employees.
  • Certificate of Scholarship (formal green border) : Teachers can use this personalized certificate of merit to reward their students for their academic success. The green formal border design is suitable for all school ages.
  • Course Completion Certificate (Green) : This is a general course completion certificate with a formal green border. It is suitable for different situations and audiences, for example, an adult or a young person who has completed a course, a project or an event.
  • Special mention certificate (green) : You can recognize outstanding work with this official special mention certificate template with an elegant border. You just have to customize the text, change the color scheme if you want, and print on a full page.
  • Achievement Diploma: Achievement Diploma especially for high school, but that allows it to be modified to be used for any type of recognition using the design.
  • Diploma of Excellence (official blue border) : Allows students to reward school achievements with a customizable diploma. The official blue border design is suitable for any age.
  • Merits Diploma (elementary students) : A diploma with a colorful and childish design, perfect to have some detail with the merits of elementary school students or lower grades.
  • Diploma of recognition (blue) : Diploma that informs that a certain person has achieved "a great achievement", a phrase that you can change to whatever you want. It has a formal blue trim that suits any age or achievement.
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Templates with diagrams and graphs

A collection where you will find single bullet templates with charts and diagrams that you can add after editing to any of your projects or visualizations. There is everything from tree diagrams to charts to organize hierarchies.

  • 4 Blocker PowerPoint Diagrams : A simple template with a diagram in which you have a square divided into four blocks and a circle in the middle. You can use it to explain the four concepts that are part of some total.
  • 7 Step Pyramid Diagram : A simple template with several versions of the same diagram. It is a pyramid made up of seven steps, perfect for giving certain types of explanations.
  • 10-Level Hourglass Illustration : A diagram with an hourglass showing 10 different levels that you can edit to use in some type of presentation. There are two different vignettes with a light background and a dark blue one.
  • Tree diagram : A simple tree-shaped diagram to be able to add to your presentations a vignette that can explain an evolution of similar ideas or concepts.
  • Multi-colored tree diagram: A diagram that represents a tree, in whose different branches you can put projects or ideas that are part of the same whole. A vignette to add to your presentations.
  • Cause and effect diagram: A simple diagram in which you can add the different causes that lead to the same effect. You have up to three branches of causes whose texts you can edit to your liking.
  • Horizontal hierarchical organization chart slide (multicolor on white, widescreen) : If you want to make an organization chart, this single page template shows you one with horizontal layout and hierarchy from left to right.
  • Process chart slide (chevron, widescreen) : A SmartArt graphic that shows progress or process using chevron shapes. It has several themes so you can customize its appearance.
  • Two-Year Gantt Chart : A template with which you can add a Gantt chart to your presentations. It is true, it will not be as personalized as if you did it in Excel, but it can help you to explain some things with it.
  • Event Timeline Diagram Slide (Widescreen) : This widescreen horizontal timeline uses a larger circular layout for the most significant dates and smaller circles for events along the timeline.
  • Milestones and story timeline : Tell your story graphically with this timeline template. Highlight the main events in your story and plot them along a horizontal time scale. You can use it as is or apply a PowerPoint theme to change the fonts, colors, and background.
  • Five-year time scale: Another time scale similar to the previous one, but with only five gaps to fill, although in areas differentiated by colors. More limited and with a more casual design, but it can also be useful in some contexts and summaries.
  • Animated tree growth graphic: A graphic that shows a plant, and points to the root, stem or leaves, with space to write in all three places to make a metaphorical representation of something you want to convey.
  • Animated scale chart: Contains a scale chart to add to any presentation where it suits you. In addition, there is a second slide with a link to the instructions to be able to edit it.
  • Infographic pie chart: A pie chart whose interior is divided with different colors to be able to add the infographics that you think suits any of your projects.
  • Horizontal DNA graphic: Contains a DNA graphic that you will be able to add to any presentation where it suits you.
  • Plant growth graph: A graph that shows you step by step the development of a plant. It is a graphic that you can insert in your presentations, for example, to show the development of a concept or idea.
  • Process Flow Diagram Chart : Contains a process flow chart chart that you can add to any presentation. The gaps to fill in for the elements you want to add to the diagram are blank.
  • Multi Color Process Flow Chart Chart : A process flow chart chart that you can add to your presentations. In that graph, each of the steps in the flow has an icon that you can modify by another, and there is space to write a list below.
  • Gráfico de embudo de latas de pintura : Si quieres representar que cuatro elementos diferentes se combinan para conseguir un todo, puedes hacerlo con este gráfico en el que se ve cuatro botes de pintura vertiendo el contenido a un embudo del que sale una pintura de un color que los combina a todos.
  • Gráfico de embudo megáfono : Un gráfico que representa un megáfono. Tiene un elemento principal, y luego el altavoz se divide en otros tres elementos. Puedes modificarlo y añadirlos a las presentaciones donde quieras representar algo con esta idea.
  • Gráfico de espiral : Un dibujo de una espiral que es más grande por arriba que por abajo, y en la que de cada vuelta sale una flecha para que escribas los elementos que forman parte de ella.
  • Gráfico de mapa del mundo pseudocilíndrico : Un mapa del mundo con forma pseudocilíndrica que te permite hacer un seguimiento de datos en las principales ciudades del mundo. Totalmente editable según tus necesidades.
  • Gráfico de taladro bajo tierra : Si quieres explicar en una viñeta las diferentes capas antes de llegar a un objetivo, puedes hacerlo con este gráfico en el que se ve un talado haciendo un agujero bajo tierra, y en diferentes puntos de ese agujero un espacio para un texto.
  • Gráficos en cadena vinculados : Un gráfico en el que ves una cadena con eslabones de diferentes colores. Ideal para cuando quieres mostrar unidad con diferentes elementos que forman parte de un todo en tus representaciones.
  • Gráfico Iceberg : Seguro que en mil sitios y para mil cosas has visto las cosas explicadas con un gráfico de iceberg. Pues bien, con esta plantilla también vas a poder agregar los tuyos a tus presentaciones.
  • Highlighted Event Timeline : Una sencilla plantilla en la que puedes hacer un timeline, una línea con progresión temporal en la que explicar la evolución año a año de lo que quieras.
  • Spaceship Roadmap Concept : Te ofrece un diagrama de una nave espacial despegando, y por el humo que marca la subida hay diferentes puntos. Puede servirte para explicar los diferentes pasos a dar para conseguir lanzar un proyecto o llegar a un objetivo.
  • Tablero de diagrama de flujo de proceso : Contiene una viñeta en la que te vas a encontrar un gráfico de un diagrama de flujo, pero representado como si fuera un juego de tablero para que quepan más puntos.
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Otras plantillas variadas

Y terminamos como solemos hacerlo siempre, con una colección de plantillas diferentes al resto de apartados , y que aportan un último toque de variedad y versatilidad a nuestro listado. Recuerda que todo el contenido lo vas a poder modificar según tus necesidades.

  • Bloques apilados con texto : Y empezamos esta última sección con una de las plantillas más sencillas que vas a encontrar. Simplemente representa tres bloques de diferentes colores, cada uno con un texto diferente.
  • Concurso (fondo con preguntas y respuestas, pantalla panorámica) : Una plantilla para poder organizar un concurso a través de PowerPoing. Te permite crear cinco categorías con cinco preguntas, cada una con una puntuación más alta. Para que no queden dudas, en la plantilla también se incluyen instrucciones.
  • Curso de diagrama : Una plantilla diseñada para permitirte estudiar algunas de las partes de un motor. Estas vienen en colores, y tienes que adivinar la respuesta correcta.
  • Feliz cumple : Plantilla de una sola hoja para imprimir una felicitación de cumpleaños utilizando PowerPoint.
  • Gráfico de árbol genealógico (vertical, verde, rojo, panorámico) : Incluye una viñeta con el diseño de un árbol genealógico en vertical. Puedes rellenar los nombres manualmente y utilizarla en tus presentaciones.
  • Imagen con tres columnas de texto : Una plantilla que consta de una imagen superior y tres columnas de texto para que puedas hacer cualquier tipo de lista que necesites. Cada columna tiene un encabezado y espacio para el texto.
  • Informe de proyecto : Una plantilla para crear una presentación de PowerPoint del estado de un proyecto u empresa. Puedes personalizarla para adaptarla a tus necesidades y otros temas específicos del proyecto.
  • Informe mensual (clientes) : Otra plantilla para un informe dedicado al mundo empresarial, especialmente para mostrarle información a clientes. Viene con plantillas de ejemplo que te pueden servir como guía, aunque puedes modificarlas a tu antojo.
  • Invitación a una fiesta (diseño con franja púrpura) : Una elegante invitación con una franja color púrpura para invitar a quien desees a una fiesta, ya se trate de un cumpleaños, una ceremonia de graduación o cualquier otro acontecimiento especial.
  • Invitación de cumpleaños (diseño de rayo azul sobre oro) : Esta invitación tiene un rayo azul con un recubrimiento dorado, con un aspecto joven y dinámico, y campos textuales que puedes cambiar según tus necesidades.
  • Invitaciones a fiestas (azul en negro) : Una invitación para fiestas. Con un fondo oscuro en el que se ve la foto de manos en un concierto, y con la posibilidad de añadir tu foto para personalizarla.
  • Nuestros cumples : Plantilla de una sola hoja para imprimir un diseño en el que aparecen los meses del año, y los alumnos pueden añadir cada uno su cumpleaños a él.
  • Pancarta de Feliz cumpleaños : Una plantilla con la que puedes crear una pancarta de felicitación. La plantilla tiene varias viñetas, cada una para una letra, de manera que puedas crear la pancarta mediante varios papeles.
  • Plan de clase (por asignatura) : Los estudiantes pueden organizar sus planes semanales de clases y deberes con esta plantilla que incluye iconos gestuales. Las asignaturas aparecen como columnas en la parte superior y los diferentes iconos gestuales predicen el humor de ese día.
  • Plano de una sala : He aquí una de las plantillas más peculiares que vas a encontrar. En ella tienes diferentes dibujos que representan muebles, y lo único que tienes que hacer es crear una viñeta nueva e irlos copiando en ella para organizar el plano de una sala.
  • Póster (diseño azul y verde) : Una plantilla de póster de tres columnas que se ha diseñado en secciones que se pueden titular y rellenar con contenido propio. El póster es suficientemente grande para un panel de exposición de tipo tríptico que se puede usar en una conferencia médica, científica o empresarial.
  • Presentación con diseño de libro de cocina (panorámica) : Una plantilla preparada para que puedas crear tu propio libro de cocina, haciendo viñetas con el paso a paso a seguir. Plantilla panorámica que incluye una amplia gama de diseños de diapositivas para crear listas de ingredientes, pasos que se deben seguir y consejos. También tiene una tabla de muestra y un gráfico para mostrar información sobre medidas, conversiones, información nutricional y mucho más.
  • Presentación de vacaciones divertidas : Una plantilla que viene ya formateada y pensada para presentaciones de viajes, en las que solo tienes que añadir tus fotos.
  • Presentación del análisis final del proyecto : Una plantilla con viñetas ya pregeneradas para guiarte a la hora de hacer un análisis final de un proyecto. Te pueden servir como guía, pero también puedes modificarlas a tu antojo.
  • Presentación educativa de niños en el patio de la escuela (álbum panorámico) : Una plantilla que por una parte ofrece varios diseños para sus diapositivas e incluye algunas de ejemplo. Y por la otra, entre estos ejemplos nos encontramos con la particularidad de un estilo de álbum de fotos, donde por cada diapositiva puedes poner varias de ellas bien enmarcadas.
  • Presentación para exteriores : Una plantilla que puedes optimizar con vídeo, gráficos y tablas y fotografías. Está pensada para temáticas al aire libre o de estilos de vida.
  • Prospecto de primavera (diseño de rama florecida) : Un prospecto de motivos florales para anunciar eventos cuando llegue la primavera. Puedes editar todo su contenido, y después lo imprimes a página completa.
  • Prospecto para estudiantes (diseño en negrita de color negro y azul) : Aunque normalmente estas cosas se hacen con Word, esta plantilla te permite hacer el anuncio para un evento en PowerPoint. Tiene diferentes tamaños de letra para los varios datos que te permite aportar, desde el nombre de la convocatoria hasta la dirección o la hora.
  • Tabla de multiplicación 12x12 : Una plantilla con la que puedes imprimir sencillas hojas con las tablas de multiplicar hasta el número 12. Su diseño es infantil y desenfadado, perfecto para a quienes va dirigida.
  • Tarjeta de felicitación, fondo rayado (negro, azul, plegada) : Una tarjeta de felicitación con colores oscuros. Está preparada para personalizarse en PowerPoint, y luego la imprimes de tal manera que la podrás doblar, ya que el diseño está sólo en la mitad inferior de la página. La plantilla se imprime en una página completa de 21,6 cm x 28 cm.
  • Tarjetas de presentación con logotipo (10 por página) . Una serie de 10 tarjetas de presentación, con espacio para el logotipi de tu empresa. Sólo tienes que abrir en PowerPoint, editar los campos que necesites e imprimirlas.
  • Tarjetas de presentación, diseño horizontal con logotipo (10 por página) : Otra serie de tarjetas de presentación para editar en PowerPoint. Son muy parecidas a las anteriores, pero con algunos aspectos diferenciadores para que tengas otra alternativa.
12 plantillas de PowerPoint gratis y animadas para crear presentaciones profesionales En Genbeta 12 plantillas de PowerPoint gratis y animadas para crear presentaciones profesionales
  • Temporizadores de clase (reloj de arena) : Una plantilla que presenta una serie de viñetas en las que puedes poner cuánto tiempo queda para que termine una cuenta atrás. Con ellas, puedes crear avisos bastante visuales de una cuenta atrás, algo pensado por su diseño en clases para niños pequeños.
  • Vale de descuento : Plantilla de una sola hoja para imprimir un vale de descuento utilizando PowerPoint.
  • Vale de regalo : Plantilla de una sola hoja para imprimir un vale de regalo utilizando PowerPoint.

La noticia 143 plantillas de Microsoft PowerPoint para organizarlo TODO fue publicada originalmente en xiaomist.com por Yúbal Fernández .

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