{Disarmed} 13 must-have premieres and releases for the weekend: Shang-Chi , See , Psychonauts 2 , Swamp Thing and more

13 must-have premieres and releases for the weekend: 'Shang-Chi', 'See', 'Psychonauts 2', Swamp Thing and more

With a Marvel theatrical release, you have to think that that black hole of attention will devour the rest of the entertainment options. Nothing could be further from the truth: from game revivals of ten years ago to unexpected full-color reissues of cult comics classics. Our 13 weekend plans come with a siesta.

'Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings'

{"videoId":"x80pvur","autoplay":false,"title":"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Trailer"}

The new Marvel premiere after 'Black Widow' gives, this time yes, a folder to the previous phases, presenting a new hero and threading it slightly with the MCU. It is about a character born in the seventies in the comics and who has no connection with the universe of science fiction and cosmic high technology of the Avengers: here we have adventure, comedy and action, the infallible brand of the house, with a a story that combines Chinese tradition, underworld and family reunions.

  • Already in cinemas

'Evil one'

{"videoId":"x82tp2m","autoplay":false,"title":"Maligno: tráiler del film de James Wan"}

James Wan, director of 'Insidious' and the 'Warren File' saga, returns with a horror story in its purest supernatural neo-Gothic style . The film is being promoted without much enthusiasm, but it promises a perfect display of scares for the weekend: its protagonist is a young woman who lives terrified by visions of terrible murders, and will soon discover what is true in those overwhelming assaults on her senses.

  • Already in cinemas

'The Paper House' S5 - Part 1

{"videoId":"x8341k6","autoplay":false,"title":"'La Casa de Papel', tráiler de la temporada 5 de la serie de Netflix"}

The controversy returns about whether 'La Casa de Papel' is one of the best products that Spanish fiction has given in years or a story that should not have passed from the second season and whose transfer to Netflix has been fatal. Accompanied by a new batch of episodes, a preamble to the great final blowout that this production will give in December, with a conclusion in style. All the characters return (even several dead and all the unfriendly), the endless robbery, the great plans and a lot of action and tension to devour in one sitting.

  • Available on Netflix

'What we do in the shadows' S3

{"videoId":"x83gv51","autoplay":false,"title":"Lo que hacemos en las sombras | Tráiler de la temporada 3"}

The hilarious series based on a pre-Marvel Taika Waititi film does not seem to be running out , which featured, with mockumentary resources, the adventures of a group of vampires who shared a home in the modern world . Empowering the role of the servants of the vampires and sharpening absolutely all the conventions of the subgenre, the series has found its own voice and starts with a new batch of episodes that HBO will premiere every week.

  • Available on HBO
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'Inside No. 9' T6

{"videoId":"x83xi7l","autoplay":false,"title":"Inside No 9 T6 - Trailer"}

It has been compared to 'Black Mirror' and to a kind of 'Twilight Zone' in a huff code, but the truth is that 'Inside No. 9' is not like anything. At best, the previous Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith series, 'The League of Gentlemen' and 'Psychoville'. Dark humor, unforeseen drama, nods to popular genres and self- awareness emerge in different doses in this collection of highly British and unpredictable stories, whose sixth season completely maintains the level of previous years.

  • Available in Filmin

'El Shaddai - Ascension of the Metatron'

{"videoId":"x83xjl4","autoplay":false,"title":"El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron - Trailer"}

Ten years after its release on Xbox 360 and PS3, this renewed version of a cult classic comes to Steam that once displayed the clearest 100% Japanese video game label. The creator of classics like 'Okami' or 'Devil May Cry', Sawaki Takeyasu, has been in charge of supervising the port of his own game , which had nothing revolutionary in its simple mechanics mix of hack & slash and platform action, but whose quirky plot of theological edging and pictorial aesthetics earned more than one accolade in its day.

  • Now on sale for PC


{"videoId":"x83uuza","autoplay":false,"title":"Lake - Tráiler del E3 2021"}

The indie that is being talked about the most right now is this adventure with everyday edges in which a young woman takes a break from her job in the big city and rejoins the quiet life of her town for two weeks as a postman. Dialogues without good or bad solutions, relaxation and some reflection on the life that has been momentarily parked, for a perfect game to take a small and atmospheric pause between all the noise.

  • On sale now for PC and Xbox Series X / S

'The Medium'

{"videoId":"x83tb8r","autoplay":false,"title":"The Medium - Trailer"}

We recommended it a week ago in our list of Xbox games that could have passed under the radar in Game Pass , and this week its long-awaited landing on Playstation 5. It is one of the most unique horror adventures of recent times, which allows contemplate at the same time, with a simple but very special interface, the real world and that of the spirits . A great proposal that has made the Polish Bloober Team a study to be followed closely.

  • Available on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Playstation 5

'Clid the Snail'

{"videoId":"x83xl8e","autoplay":false,"title":"Clid The Snail - Trailer"}

Weird Beluga Studio is a Madrid studio winner of the 6th Edition of the PlayStation Awards, and after the revelation they arrive with this powerful top-down shooter, more strategic than it seems due to its crazy starting point: a snail is ready to free its gloomy world of a slug invasion. Exploration, puzzles, a full arsenal and creative action for an indie game to polish the weekend.

  • Now available for Playstation 4
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'Bullshit: Against Quackery' (Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West)

Bullshit cover 465df55f

A book that, on the one hand, puts into context how the information society has degenerated into widespread misinformation and how facts are no longer a barrier that prevents politicians, communicators and users of social networks from inventing data in their favor. And on the other, it provides tools to detect and avoid hoaxes , based on the extensive knowledge of statistics and computational biology of its authors.

Bullshit: Against Quackery: Being Skeptical in a Data-Driven World (ESSAY)

Bullshit: Against Quackery: Being Skeptical in a Data-Driven World (ESSAY)

Today on Amazon for € 23.00

'From Hell' - Color Edition (Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell)

Visd 0001jpg01k9m

Is a color edition of 'From Hell', Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's immortal comic book on Victorian psychogeography and ripping doctors a good idea? We do not have the answer, although what is guaranteed is that it will be a radically different experience from the macabre and depressing black masses of ink to visualize the London of the underworld. Now you can see, in this restored and approved by Campbell edition, what the experience would be like in impressionist mode.

From Hell Color Edition (Graphic Novel) (Alan Moore Library)

From Hell Color Edition (Graphic Novel) (Alan Moore Library)

Today on Amazon for € 47.50

'MODOK - Puzzle' (VVAA)

Modok Puzzle

If you liked the tremendous and irreverent Disney + series dedicated to the stubborn and gifted villain of Marvel, this compilation is for you, as it collects all the recent stories of MODOK alone. Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, showrunners of the series, have the catastrophic villain assemble a group of rogue fools to carry out an 'Ocean's Eleven' plan . Spoiler: it comes out regu.

M.O.D.O.K. Puzzle

MODOK Puzzle

Today on Amazon for € 21.85

'A luminous freedom' (TC Boyle)


As well documented as it is passionate and funny, this novel takes us back to one of the most mythical times of the American counterculture: Timothy Leary invents LSD and forever changes the codes of the perception of reality for a whole generation of young people. A novel that follows some of Leary's devotees since the initial scientific experiments with the substance became a massive revelation.

A luminous freedom (IMPEDIMENT)

A luminous freedom (IMPEDIMENT)

Today on Amazon for € 22.75

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