DHL: App users now have to pay attention to this

DHL: App users now have to pay attention to this

Anyone who has parcels from DHL delivered to Packstations benefits from a new function of the Post & DHL app. It makes using the yellow parcel station easier. For existing customers, however, this means a change in collection.

Post & DHL app: new function for packing stations starts

With the integration of a new function in the Post & DHL app, DHL is making a practical change. The operation of packing stations is much easier, customers only need their smartphone to use them.

Since September 9th, a code has been generated digitally in the Post & DHL app to collect shipments. The smartphone is held in front of the scanner, the corresponding compartment of the packing station opens and the parcels can be removed. The four-digit collection code and the customer card are no longer required (source: Deutsche Post DHL Group).

This should make the use of the packing stations easier and, at the same time, safer. According to company information, the app automatically generates a new code at short intervals. In addition, only one device can be activated for collection per customer . The aim is to guarantee that no unauthorized person can remove packages.

So far, so simple, but the new app function means a change for existing customers. Because after a transition phase - DHL does not specify the duration - collection with the customer card will no longer be possible . Anyone who has previously received the pick-up code by email and had to enter it together with the customer number will be forced to switch to the app.

Whether by packing station or in the branch - in the video you will find practical tips for shipping with DHL:

Which DHL customers are affected?

The changes only apply to registered DHL customers who have parcels delivered directly to packing stations. Anyone who is not found at home and then receives their pick-up code by means of a slip can continue to use it. Parcel dispatch via the Packstation also remains unchanged.

If you don't want to wait any longer for the automatic pick-up code, you can download or update the Post & DHL app from Google's Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, DHL would like to point out that, depending on the store used, it may still take a few days until the current version is available. In the meantime, however, this should generally already work.


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