Delivery problems at Samsung: These smartphones and smartwatches are affected

Delivery problems at Samsung: These smartphones and smartwatches are affected

Surprised by its own success: Samsung is currently struggling with delivery problems and is informing its own customers about them. Some of them have to wait for their new device until mid-September. This applies to both smartphones and smartwatches. However, not all variants of the respective models are equally affected.

It has already become apparent in the past few days that Samsung has hit the bull's eye with its new folding smartphones. In South Korea, the current pre-orders are even twice as high as for the Galaxy S series. But things are not only going well in Samsung's home country, but also here - with unforeseen consequences.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: folding smartphone is delayed

Some pre-orderers of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are currently receiving an email from Samsung informing them of delivery problems . The folding cell phone was actually supposed to be delivered at the end of August, but nothing will come of it now. "We are very pleased that our newly introduced models are so inspiring," writes Samsung in the mail (source: AllAboutSamsung). Because of this great demand, according to Samsung, there are "a few unforeseen delivery bottlenecks."

The South Koreans apologize in the further course of the mail and announce the delivery of the ordered Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for "probably until mid-September" . Some pre-orderers have to wait around three weeks for their new Samsung cell phone, provided the electronics company can meet the new delivery date. Interesting: Not all variants of the folding smartphone seem to be equally affected by the delays. According to the comments on AllAboutSamsung, so far it is mainly the model with 512 GB of memory.

Samsung's new folding phones do a lot of things right, as our video shows:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Smartwatch with delivery problems too

Samsung is also struggling with delivery problems with the Galaxy Watch 4 . The smartwatch, like the folding smartphones, should be available to buyers from August 27th, but the industry giant is also informing about delays here. Some models of the Galaxy Watch 4 are also not expected to be delivered until mid-September.


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