Danger for Apple and Samsung: Another tablet manufacturer conquers Europe

Danger for Apple and Samsung: Another tablet manufacturer conquers Europe

Those who buy a tablet often turn to industry leaders Apple or Samsung. The two electronics groups together share more than 50 percent of the tablet market in Western Europe. But while Apple has recently seen strong growth thanks to its iPads, Samsung is struggling with severe losses. A Chinese manufacturer can make particular profit from this.

The tablet market in Western Europe also grew significantly in the second quarter. According to figures from the market researchers from Canalys, tablet sales grew by a strong 18 percent compared to the previous year (source: Canalys).

In front of Samsung, behind Apple: Lenovo shoots into second place for tablets in Western Europe

A total of 7.9 million tablets were sold. The lion's share of that goes to Apple . The iPad manufacturer secured a market share of 36 percent in the months between April and June 2021. The growth is particularly impressive, as the US company grew by a whopping 73 percent. The plus is mainly due to the release of the new iPad Pros with M1 processor, which were released during this period.

Samsung, on the other hand, had to give up a lot: the South Koreans are down 24 percent. The bottom line was that in the second quarter of 2021 that was enough for a market share of 18 percent - 3rd place. Meanwhile, Lenovo placed between Apple and Samsung with 20 percent . The Chinese even outperformed Apple in terms of growth and grew by an impressive 87 percent year-on-year. Second place is probably mainly due to Lenovo's strong range of tablets in the entry-level and mid-range. On Amazon, for example, the manufacturer's devices can often be found at the top of the sales charts.

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Samsung's competitors are getting stronger and stronger

In the fourth quarter of last year, Samsung was the number one tablet manufacturer in Europe - at least according to IDC figures, which add up Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the so-called EMEA region. Six months later, the figures from Canalys and Western Europe paint a different picture. In addition to the problems in the smartphone sector, Samsung is also struggling with increasing competition for tablets.


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